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 July 2023 Projects

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                                                                                                               July Program

Bob Behnke, Technical services Manager with Franklin International (Titebond), presented and covered the five steps for successful gluing, from dry assembly to waiting for the glue to dry. Wood glues can affect the wood as it is being assembled and being prepared in advance will eliminate costly joint failures and frustrating disassembly. The discussion focused on the steps needed to use wood glues with ease, what to watch out for when the glue hits the wood and why failures occur. He also covered some frequently asked questions and why there are so many different wood glues. Members were invited to ask questions, thus becoming more like a discussion, not just a presentation. Please visit Titebond Technical Resources.

July Projects 

Norm Nichols - Trivet and  cross of walnut and mahogany David VanDewerker - Roses, basket, and, cross of alder, maple, and, poplar Jim Hiles - Ferry boat of pine and poplar Andy Tofuri - Ship's wheel of walnut Jack Bailie - Cutting board
Rick Spacek - Sphere in hand of "Wink" wood. Edward  Holtgraver - Flower stand of cedar Ken Kuntz - Baby rattles of birch, red oak, and, maple Bernard Bynum - Scotties of pine and poplar Peter Hamilton - Jewelry box
Jeff Larsen - Spears and halberd of pine and maple Mike Hardy - Hallway table of walnut and hickory Mike Belovsky - Trellis and "secret" storage
Tom Blanco - Table of walnut , maple , and, bubinga Jack Bailie - Barn door for bathroom David Janowitz - Coffee table and bowl of African mahogany.  Adirondack chairs and glider of Osage orange


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