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 June 2023 Projects

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                                                                                               Capt. Gary L Herod Memorial Bench 
In March 1961, Texas Air National Guard, Capt. Gary L. Herod, was piloting his jet over Houston when his jet flamed out over a populated area.  Capt. Herod stayed with his plane attempting to find a runway or other safe place to land. He stayed with his jet to ensure that it would not crash in a populated area then ejected at the last minute around the Brays Bayou area.  He did not survive. 
In tribute to his sacrifice a Live Oak tree was planted at a bank in the Meyerland Plaza area. The tree recently had to be felled but was milled into lumber from which came the Memorial Bench that was crafted by members of the Woodworkers Club of Houston.  Please read more about Capt. Gary L. Herod. Members working on the bench were

George Alderete, Rich Bajenski, Tom Blanco, Pat Carlson, Ron Galarano, Randy Jones, Ron Kirchoff, Henry Majoue, and, Tomoko Yamaguchi.

                                                                                                               June Program
WWCH member and professional musician, Mike Hardy, gave an informative presentation on the Alexander Technique for Woodworkers. Mike explained how this study of the body in motion can help us replace harmful habits with new ones that align with our body's natural functioning. He explained how to identify and correct misuse, understand skeletal and muscular structures, and experience the benefits of proper body alignment through interactive activities. He also spoke about Tai Chi concepts to release tension and enhance easeful movement.

June Projects 

Jack Bailie - Cutting Boards of walnut and maple. Andy Tofuri - Ship's wheel of walnut. Rick Spacek - Victory Cross of cedar,poplar, and corian, and, In Loving Memory Cross of cedar. David Janowitz - Coffee table bowls of African mahagony, sycamore, and, mallet of Osage orange   David VanDewerker - Fishing nets of several woods bent by immersion in water method.
Denis Muras - Cabooses of various woods. Mike Hardy - Podium and Stand of white oak. Tom Paulley - Animal Toys, on wheels, of pine and wood honey. Steve Wavro - Kiwanis Plaque and 50th Anniversary Plaque. Mike Turner - Hammer Handles of various woods.
  Rick Spacek - Scroll sawed skylines of Seattle and Austin.      


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