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 August 2023 Projects

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                                                                                                                                        August Program

Mike Farrington, is a professional woodworker in the Denver Colorado area. He is honored to share his woodworking skills with the Woodworkers Club of Houston. In the presentation he shared the process for making Kumiko panels. This included making the needed grid-work, as well as the various angle cuts to complete the pattern. He also showed how to cut and fit the tiny mortise and tenon joinery needed to make a Japanese inspired lantern. With these two skills you could make a lantern of your own. Then he moved on to showing how these techniques can be applied to larger scale projects. If he were to boil this presentation down, it would be a study in hand tool accuracy and efficiency. Mike believes if you learn the skills necessary for Kumiko, all your future furniture and woodworking projects can benefit.



August Projects 

Andy Tofuri - Toys (poplar, mahogany) Steve Wavro - Ducks intarsia (western red cedar, ebony, blue spruce) and animated turtle (poplar, mahogany) Denis Muras - Toys (pine) Greg Solberg - Tool box (walnut, poplar,cherry, oak , and, mesquite) Edward Holtgraver - Garden basket (poplar)
Mike Belovsky - Lamp (poplar and walnut) Frank Fuss - Assorted toys Bernard Bynum - Miter stand (plywood)
  David Janowitz - Bench (Honduras mahogany), lazy Susans (cedar elm, birds eye maple), plates (African mahogany, pecan), bowl (cedar elm), tray (pecan)  


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