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Tom Paulley -

Here is a flag case that I made recently.   It is made from African Mahogany and finished with several coats of Arm-R-Seal gloss.  I buffed the final coat with burlap to reduce the sheen to be closer to semi-gloss.

Lon Kelley -What, another bowl? This bowl is mostly from recovered Douglas Fir, and the stripes are mahogany. The finish is poly and wax.   Kevin Hunter -Here is my project: couch-height side table.  The board was milled from a black walnut slab off a tree that came down on my parents' property a couple years ago.  When I was milling the boards I found a couple that sort of looked like a Buffalo face when they were book-matched (if you have enough IPA 😂).  Joined the boards and finished with lacquer.  The table stand is steel that I welded up and finished with matte black paint.    Steve Wavro - I am trying to stay busy and just completed this Intarsia Kangaroo with Joey.  It is composed of 46 individual pieces of Aspen, Blue Spruce, Mahogany, and Western Red Cedar and is finished with 3 coats of Poly-acrylic. Earl Touchstone -

Picture of my grandson David and me with his new fire truck.

Sankar Padhmanabhan -

One of our friends who is into gardening showed a picture of a compost bin from Internet and asked if I could build one for him. In line with the mission of WWCH, I told him I will help him build it. He has never worked with any tools, so it was nice learning experience for him. The result is this composting bin. It has a 2’x2’ base and is 3’tall. The lid is removable to load the compost material. It has a hinged door at the bottom of one of the sides for removing the compost.

Dave VanDewerker - I made a couple of scroll saw baskets. Larger one is poplar with cherry slats, unfinished about 17"x11".  The smaller is maple with cherry slats finished with slightly amber shellac ~ 7.5"x11.5".
This is a Steve Goode Pattern.

Chris Farquhar - This is a project I put together to help my wife during scout tours at the Wolf Sanctuary we volunteer at. It's made out of Luan and it cut with inter-locking tabs for ease of putting together and breaking down. Tabs on the back slide and lock, the tabs on the top are more of a locator. The purpose of this screen shade is to keep glare off the screen during the presentation. My wife is the tour guide for Cub Scouts; Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts earning a new badge. I stained the inside with Black Walnut and painted the outside with a dark Green. These are the colors that are spotted are the Sanctuary.

Eric Henao - Wife sent me this link and wanted me to make this console table for outdoors so she can feed birds on it and watch from her window office. https://lovegrowswild.com/2018/07/build-outdoor-console-table/

Followed along and made it. Primed the wood and then spray painted it the bright colors. Wife said that pure white doesn’t work well for attracting, but yellow and orange do. We came up with this.  Took about a month, had ice storm in between the build/prime and the spray coloring.

Denis Muras - Walnut Jewelry box. Lacquer finish, polished out. This one is for my grand-daughter’s birthday and baptism.

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David Janowitz - 1: First a table I made for a neighbor, from a sycamore tree in the heights, cut up by Jeff Larsen, Bill Lindsey and me last fall.  Very nice rays/grain.  Simple construction with metal corner brackets and table clips from Rockler, both saves construction time, and makes for easy breakdown for transport.  I added a couple of decorative grooves on the lower part of the apron.  Finished with water borne urethane.

2: Next is a trio of items I made from a customer's African Blackwood, a variety of rosewood, among the hardest woods in the world.  Challenging to turn, but polishes beautifully.  Mainly black, but with nice brown highlights, and a couple of light patches of sapwood.  A 9" plate, 9"x3" bowl, and 5 1/2" vase, sanded to 2000 grit, and "finished" with tung oil and wax.

3: A large mahogany platter, 15"x1 3/4", and finished with tung oil.  Terrible to turn this because it is end grain.  I was a bit surprised it did not just blow apart while turning.   Lots of tear out required lots of coarse sanding, but it eventually came out.  Not my choice of wood, but again a client insisted on this piece.

4: This mahogany table top is from and for the same client.  Pre-cut, I only had to fill, flatten, sand and finish with urethane.  I like the big eyes; looks like ET!

5: Last, having made a vase to order, I thought I would make this Osage Orange vase, finished with tung oil.  6"x3
All photos and descriptions submitted by individual members.
1Wink Wood: Bob Wink lives near a commercial woodworking facility that gives away what they consider to be scrap pieces of commercial grade plywood and misc hard woods.  Bob rescues this wood before a Grinch comes and takes the scrap for firewood.  Many woodworkers in WWCH have made good use of these excess pieces by making jigs, toys, and incorporating them into their projects as you’ve seen in many Show n Tell projects. This source of wood is what has become known as “Wink” wood.

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