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Jack Bailie - Our Pastor ask me to build a "Rugged" cross to use during Lent and Easter.  I found 6" x 6" reclaimed bridge timbers at Clarks Hardwoods.  The cross is 6 feet tall.  The base is two boxes made from the same material. The cross just sits in the base so it can be more easily moved.  It is quite heavy.  There is almost as much material in the base as in the cross itself.  It is natural and unfinished.

Last month at the Zoom meeting a couple of members mentioned the Resurrection Cross by Dennehey.  I looked it up and being an engineer and too cheap to spend $9.99 for the pattern, decided I could build it without the pattern.  After a mock up and a putting together a simple box joint like jig here its my result.  From walnut and maple.  Finished with spray lacquer. 



Bernard Bynum - These are two cheese cutter kits from woodcraft and exotic wood coasters. I glued up some scraps from larger projects. I sanded them to 220 and finished with mineral oil/beeswax finish Chris Farquhar - This is my latest Intarsia project "White Tailed Deer". It's a Judy Robert's design; took about two weeks from start to finish. I used: Walnut; Black Walnut; Basswood; White Oak; Pine; Ash & Ebony woods. 

Terry Parrish - Attached is photo of the Charcuterie Boards I have been making. The rack on right is all done and the left rack is in sanding stages.  The woods use Walnut, Maple, Cherry, Purpleheart and Paudak.  The wine bottle topper is Poplar and Cherry with some red paint where it was carve on the CNC. Will finish with clear poly.

Mike Hardy - My most recent conductor podium commission for the Morning Star Lutheran Church in Matthews, North Carolina (just outside of Charlotte). White oak box and railing with a cherry and maple cross. The box is 40"x40"x8" and the top of the railing is 36" above the frame. The top rail and edge of the frame are curved, reflecting the curved railing of the sanctuary of the church (and pretty much everything else in the church). When the rail is not used, there is an insert that covers the frame section. Waiting to finalize shipping arrangements, and hopefully by the time this is published it will be on its way to North Carolina. Lon Kelley - This poor little bowl got cut in half twice. Its mahogany and poplar with spray poly. Steve Wavro - Some people believe cardinals to be a sign sent from our loved ones who have left this world; so a picture frame with cardinals may hold special meaning for them.  This intarsia style frame (for 8'x10' photo) was comprised of 102 pieces of aspen, bubinga, mahogany (dyed red), and yellow heart.
Dave VanDewerker  - I did some turning this month.

The small bowls are pecan, large bowl is Hackberry, top is mahogany, walnut and maple scraps. The lidded boxes are oak and beech??, They are from carts that the lumber is strapped to for shipping. They are 3x4x3 and the mill just tosses them in the trash, great for making small stuff

David Janowitz - A client did the resin fill, and has a metal base, for this Mahogany tree cross section slice.  I finished levelling, sanded, and applied 6 coats of urethane before I was satisfied.  The end grain just sucked in the urethane, even after the first couple of coats.  Its about 5' long.

This is a 13"x4" Mahogany bowl.  Not my preference, but the client wanted a urethane finish, so...

Eric Henao - I did a storage bench for my wife.  I originally got the design from here:
I basically followed the steps and even sealed the whole thing, despite using cedar for about 90% of the build.

It was fun to build. I'm still pretty new at all this, so there are few spots that don't exactly line up... I also didn't sand it. But I figured that if it works for a year or two, we'd consider it a success. The design is quite simple and I'm considering doing it again with more study wood to make an Amazon delivery box, so packages aren't just sitting out at the front door.

My wife does like the storage and we now have this at the front of the house in the small front patio nook.

Rick Spacek - This is my Grand Piano. This is a John Nelson pattern. I made this out of 1/4" corian except for the dowel for feet and the hinges. It stands 6" high x 9" long.

All photos and descriptions submitted by individual members.
1Wink Wood: Bob Wink lives near a commercial woodworking facility that gives away what they consider to be scrap pieces of commercial grade plywood and misc hard woods.  Bob rescues this wood before a Grinch comes and takes the scrap for firewood.  Many woodworkers in WWCH have made good use of these excess pieces by making jigs, toys, and incorporating them into their projects as youve seen in many Show n Tell projects. This source of wood is what has become known as Wink wood.

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