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 January 2022 Projects

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George Graves - Candlestick and Bowl Denis Muras - Cedar Creche and Chess Pieces

Chris Farquhar - My project is call "Bread and Cheese", not sure why it's called that, except that it rhymes with two birds in a tree. The design came from the Scrollsaw Woodworking & Crafts magazine; Winter 2020 - issue 81; by: Fiona Kingdon. I made it out of Pine, using a 0/2 spiral blade, painted with Acrylic paints by my wife Linda.

Roy Quast - Puzzle Fish and Deer Dave VanDewerker - Wolf and Butterflies
Tom Paulley - The box is made from offcuts from a 3-D cutting board.  The wood species are cherry, maple, walnut and purpleheart.   I used a forstner bit to hog out most of the material, then used a chisel and router template bit to clean up the inside of the box.  The lid is held in place by 3 pairs of rare earth magnets.  The finish is Total Boat Halcyon, a water-based marine varnish that comes in a bag, not a can!  Used two coats of Gloss, followed by one coat of Satin. 

Steve Wavro brought in an Intarsia Moose, which was based on a design by Bruce Worthington. It is comprised of 50 individual pieces of Ebony, Maple, Poplar, Walnut, and Western Red Cedar and finished with 1 coat of Danish Oil and 4 coats of polycrylic.

Mike Turner - Sofa Tables Toys brought in by members as part of the "Toy Challenge"
Lon Kelley - Mesquite Table and Bowl

Mike Hardy - Two music stands. The first one is a commission in mahogany. The engraving is the first two measures of the Mozart Clarinet Concerto and was cut with a trim router. The second stand is cherry. The cutout is done with a scroll saw, a modelers’ rasp, and files. Both are finished with Waterlox.


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