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 February 2022 Projects

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Tom Paulley presented a slide show about how he crafted a flip-top cart for a small shop.  Tom researched various designs from YouTube channels then picked and chose what worked best for him.

Mark Bolinger showed a video from his YouTube channel addressing Does Skewing the Plane Lower the Cutting Angle.  Mark explained in greater detail.

Toy Challenge presentors, Andy Tofuri, Bill Harris, and Norm Nichols.  Toy Challenge this month was puzzles.

Norm Nichols - My scrap pile overflowth!  To eliminate some I decided to do a bandsaw box.  Pieces of like thickness were laminated together, sanded flat, stacked, and glued in layers. Two coats lacquer topped with two coats hard wax. Drawers lined with Flockit.

David Janowitz - Platter, wands, bottlestoppers, and ice cream scoops.  Projects made of Osage orange, pomegranate, mesquite, pear, blackwood, and mahogany. Mark Bolinger - Scratch awl of sycamore. George Graves - Scroll saw trivet of mahogany and gentleman's chest of oak.
  Hugh Parker - Boxes of Mesquite

Mike Hardy - Walnut and olivewood wall cabinet, based loosely on a design by Mike Pekovich. The dovetail and through tenon joinery are hand cut (mostly). The back is shiplapped walnut slats, and has a French cleat for hanging. The door closes with a ball catch. The interior is finished with shellac, and the exterior with Osmo Polyx-oil.

 Dan Schmoker - Four bowls, one of maple and three of walnut.  


Dave VanDewerker - I made a few heart shaped boxes from a Steve Goode pattern. The bodies are about 1-1/2 maple and the top and bottom are 1/4 white oak. The white oak are from a winery, we think they were used in a wine press.

I made a few mirrors using a beveled edge ~4-3/4 diameter mirror, they are ~11 + long. I used maple, walnut and some kind of African reddish wood.

Mesquite bowls, the large bowl is ~8 the smaller bowls are ~3-1/2, all are ~2 deep. The two lighter bowls are finished with a semi-gloss lacquer and the darker one gloss lacquer.

  Denis Muras - Wooden animals of plywood.
  Bill Harris - Tree Mike Turner - Four-outlet box and desk light, both of pine.    Rick Spacek - US Navy plaque and scroll sawed jaguar, mesquite and unknown.
 David Janowitz - Table of curly maple, blackwood, and mahogany.

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