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Lots of socializing, BBQ, a cool band, raffle prizes and some of the many winners.

Many members donated projects for our silent auction - darn!  No vocal bidding wars.



Steve Wavro - Intarsia Beach Chair

Steve Wavro crafted his intarsia beach chair for a friend of his wife who recently retired.  Woods used were aspen, bloodwood, blue spruce, cedar, yellow heart, and mahogany.


Bernard Bynum - Red Oak Table

For an alcove at his church, Bernard Bynum crafted this fine table of red oak and, of course, was rewarded with blessings and requests to make other projects. 




Tom Paulley - Home Made Disc Sander

Tom Paulley needed to something to help with the sanding of the toys he has been making so Tom bought two bearings and, using an old drill, crafted a disc sander.  The challenging part was getting the shaft plumb. A job for Plumb Bob?

Denis Muras - F1 Race Car

Using a design from Scroll Saw Woodworking magazine, Denis Muras showed one of twelve F1 race cars that he crafted from walnut, maple, and mahogany. 





David Janowitz - Tiny Plates and Table

David Janowitz described his challenges to get the angles on 32 pieces to come out without error and how he worked around the errors to make it look right. David found that purchased folding legs allowed more wobble than he liked so he attached boltable legs.  The table is of Osage orange and mesquite.

Lon Kelley - Decagon Bowls

Lon Kelley showed slides to help explain how he cut up Wink wood1 plywood to create the diamond patterned decagon bowls which was a challenge to get all the pieces with the same pattern.  Some strips were added to increase the circumference.


Photos:  Gary Rowen; Lon Kelley - Decagon Bowls; Bernard Bynum - Red Oak Table; Fusheng Wang and James Davis - Silent Auction

1Wink Wood: Bob Wink lives near a commercial woodworking facility that gives away what they consider to be scrap pieces of commercial grade plywood and misc hard woods.  Bob rescues this wood before a Grinch comes and takes the scrap for firewood.  Many woodworkers in WWCH have made good use of these excess pieces by making jigs, toys, and incorporating them into their projects as you’ve seen in many Show n Tell projects. This source of wood is what has become known as “Wink” wood.

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