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 Router Safety Tips


1. Always wear eye & ear protection.
2. Follow router manufacturer's safety & use instructions.
3. Insert at least 3/4 of bit shank into the collet.
4. Use template guide collars whenever possible to reduce bit deflection.
5. Reduce router speeds for large bits.
6. Use a router table & fence whenever possible.
7. Adjust fence for a slight clearance between the guide bearing and the stock.
8. For heavy stock removal, to prolong bit life and give a better finish, use multiple passes.
9. Pre-plough dovetail cuts with a straight cutter to remove the majority of the waste.
10. Before changing cutters, always unplug your router.
11. Always check bits for damage before use.
12. When installing bits, always leave about 1/8" clearance from the collet bottom.
13. Always use a router table with fence when working with large diameter bits.
14. Always use sharp bits.