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 January 2024 Projects

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                                                                                                                                        January Presentation

Tom Pulley explained how to use a router sled to flatten a warped board,

Jeff Larsen demonstrated the techniques needed to flatten a board using hand planes.

David Janowitz explained how to make and use sleds, on which you place warped boards, for flattening before running through a planer.

January Projects 

Steve Wavro - Intarsia jaguar of aspen, birch, mahogany, maple, and, western red cedar David VanDewerker - Bandsaw boxes. Rick Spacek - Horse of Winkwood and race car puzzle of poplar. Chuck Meeder - Christmas ornaments of basswood. Andy Tofuri - Hershey kisses tree, push stick, thumb piano, and, ruler gauge.

Tom Blanco - Star
Bill Teague - CNC tray. Mike Hardy - Piano stool.
Mark Bolinger - Couch and chair.
Denis Muras - Toy trucks, grandaughters's make-up table, grandson's floating shelves, and, cabinetry.
David Janowitz -       

Carved double bowl of Brazilian unknown wood; Shot Glasses of Apricot; Ice Cream Scoops of Apricot, Walnut, Chakte Viga; Pizza Cutter of Huisache and epoxy; Tray of Osage Orange, Mahogany, and epoxy; End Grain Cutting Boards of Cedar Elm, Wine press Oak; Candy bowl of Osage Orange; Rolling pins of Osage Orange, Maple, Spalted Water Oak; Bottle Stoppers of Osage Orange, Texas Ebony, Ash.

David Janowitz rustled up some members of the club and converted a log into lumber.


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