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 April 2023 Projects

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April Program Presenter - WWCH member, Andy Tofuri, explained the processes and procedures required to craft end grain 3D cutting boards. Andy offered numerous tips that greatly enhance the quality of the finished product.  Download Andy's presentation

April Projects 

Denis Muras - Trollley of various woods David VanDewerker - Scroll  saw crosses of beech, fir, and pine. Mike Hardy - Pedestal stand of walnut and pine. BillTeague - Serving dish finished with walrus oil.   Steve Wavro - Intarsia Koalas of various woods.
  Hugh Parker -  Boxes of mesquite, walnut and maple. Steve Araiza - Pizza press of black walnut and birch. Andy Tofuri - Walnut box finished with Odie's.
Davis Janowitz - Bowls ofwater oak and structural laminated pine beam, pizza peels of curly maple, birds eye maple and sycamore, and, coffee table of water oak.


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