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 September 2022 Projects

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                                      Program Speaker

"An Adventure in Chair building" was the September program presented by WWCH President, Peter Doe.

Peter Doe says that chairs look difficult to build. To sit comfortably, they need all sorts of curves, angles and shaping. Peter finally decided to take the plunge and has just finished building a set of breakfast room chairs for his son. There were problems of construction and geometry that he decided were too difficult to solve up front, so he proceeded in stages - making a few parts, then pausing to plan where to go next. He had a more-or-less detailed sequence of planned operations when he started, but probably ended up using it less than on any project he has ever built. The result isn't perfect, but he is not disappointed. And, by the way, Peter did say that they are difficult to build.

Download a PDF file of Peterís, An Adventure in Chair Building, presentation.

 September Projects
Steve Wavro - Intarsia tigers and kittens David VanDewerker - Cedar bowls, moose intarsia, and little rocking horses Lon Kelley - Spalted red oak bowls Hugh Parker - Mesquite box 
Jack Bailie - TV console Rick Spacek - American elm flowers, box elder boats, and, scrollsaw animals David Janowitz - Ring table base of walnut Mark Bolinger - Windsor rocking chair of oak and pine
Mike Hardy - Music stand David Janowitz - Chair restoration of sipo Tom Paulley - Chisel rack George Graves - Rocking horse
Mike Belovsky - Marking knife      


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