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 November 2022 Projects

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                                Program - Virtual Shop Crawls
Rod Griffith's shop.                  
Video tour of Fred Sandoval's shop: https://youtu.be/rG2nnNAiEko

Video tour of George Alderete's shop: https://youtu.be/vadstnVuoHo
Tom Paulley's shop.  Peter Doe's shop.
                                                                                                                                         Members Prepare Toys for Distribution
 September Projects
Bill Harris - Toys finished in mineral oil Andy Tofuri - Jig for cars Peter Hamilton - Tile box Denis Muras - Tractor Jack Ballie - Cutting boards of walnut and maple finished in mineral oil and beeswax Rick Spacek - Scroll saw VFW plaque of purple heart
Rick Spacek - Scroll saw bear George Graves - Plates Chuck Meeder - Sliding topbox of cherry and mahogany Dave VanDewerker - Segmentation and scroll saw crosses Dave VanDewerker - Candle Box
Tom Paulley - Book rack of quarter sawn white oak and shellac Chris Farquhar - Welcome season signs Mark Bolinger - Shaving horse Peter Doe - Cutting boards finished with mineral oil Chuck Meeder - Step ladder of maple, African mahagony, cherry, and cedar Mike Hardy - Music stand of cherry and Alaskan yellow cedar


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