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 July 2022 Projects, 2x4 Challenge, and Workshops

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                                       July  Projects
Dwavid Janowitz - Dibbers of Osage orange Hugh parker - Box Fred Sandoval - Queen Anne handkerchief table Norm Nichols - Boxes and swinging Grandpa 
Andy Tofuri - Step stool of scrap poplar George Graves - Scroll sawed butterfly Denis Muras - Toy airplanes of pine Rick Spacek - Flowers/humming birds and brown bear of American elm
                                                                                                 2 X 4 Challenge
Chris Farquhar - Child-size coat rack  George Graves - Scroll saw plaque and stand  Bill Dotschkal - Modifed Krenov sawhorse  Rodney Griffith - Mobile tool holder 
Andy Tofuri - Car carrier   Jack Ballie - Stool   David Janowitz - Table
 Tom Blanco - Complex shapes    Peter Doe - Marquetry   Steve Wavro - Intarsia   David Janowitz - Lathe   George Alderete - Hand cut dovetails
  Michael Siegel - Kumiko     Norm Nichols and Rick Spacek - Scroll saw   Fred Sandoval and Mark Bolinger - Sharpening   Denis Muras - Scroll saw Dave VanDewerker - Scroll saw
  Jeff Larsen - Lathe Dan Schmoker - Lathe


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