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Rod Griffith spoke about applying the Safety Triangle to the Woodworker's Safety Triangle. Download Triangle in PDF. Fred Sandoval spoke about how to sharpen and maintain woodworking scrapers plus showed and demonstrated several of his shopmade precision jigs. Jeff Larsen updated members with slides on the design of the community workbench project.

Dave VanDewerker - Crosses, eagle and glass-less hand mirrors
Andy Tofuri - Heart boxes Jim Hiles - Floatable tugboat
Steve Wavro - Intarsia deer scene of 260 individual pieces in different species of wood. Jack Bailie - Cross of maple and walnut Russ Rucker - Many items of various woods Hugh Parker - Box of maple and mahogany Rick Spacek - Stage coach of mesquite and Jesus of Osage orange
John Gay - Pine box George Graves - Car and trailer of maple and mahogany Jeff Larsen - Dough bowls of sycamore finished with tung oil Sankar Padhmanabhan - Clock of cherry
David Janowitz - Bench parts of ash and ring boxes of walnut Mike Belovsky - Tool box, vise, spoons, and chisel box
Chris Farquhar - Knives and wedding items of different types of wood. Mike Hardy - Podium of white oak and cherry, finished with Watco/Osmo









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