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Andy Tofuri - I made a bowl from the leftovers from a chaotic end-grained cutting board.  I used a bowl bit on the router to clean up the interior after I hogged out the bulk of the inside with Forstner bits.  Finshed with spray lacquer. Paul Carr - Cook book stand of cedar. Sankar Padhmanabhan - Scrollsaw art/basket of pine and maple.
Rick Spacek - My jeep is 11x16  cut from wink wood it is a Charles Dearing pattern. Painted with acrylic paint. Has black velour paper for backer. Sprayed with clear gloss.
Bill Hoffmeister - Truck crane of maple and walnut.

Steve Wavro - Showed one of his latest jigsaw puzzles and gave a few tips like: using a #5 blade instead of a smaller one when the puzzle is intended for a toddler;  and cutting 2 puzzles at once (face to face) to eliminate any edge tearing of the photo.

Dave VanDewerker - Made some Christmas ornaments inspired from a Steve Goode design, I changed the patterns a bit to get what I was looking for. I used walnut, ash, alder, and several different colors of polar to get the look I was going for. They were stack cut four at a time, each layer is about 1/4 inch and there are 7 layers in the round one and 6 layer in the other. Finished with WB semi-gloss poly.

I also cut two Sue Mey patterns with a scroll saw. Both are natural poplar coloring
George Graves  - Two bowls and shop tool. Charles Volek - Balloon scene intarsia of 48 woods. Tom Paulley - The end-grain cutting boards were made from offcuts from my scrap pile into what are called Chaos Boards.  The wood species are cherry, maple, mahogany, purpleheart and walnut.  The finish is General Finishes' Wooden Bowl Finish thinned with mineral spirits.
Roy Quast - Two vases of various woods.  

David Janowitz - First is a few rolling pins.  The bigger ones are 18"-21", one of Osage orange, and the other two of unusual spalted curly maple, thanks to Jeff Larsen.  The smaller ones are about 9", and are of Osage, Crepe Myrtle, and Ash.  

Next is a table for a neighbor from some of her salvaged walnut stair balusters and a life edge walnut board.  I made mortise and wedged tenons to attach the legs.  The legs were already turned, and warped, so I had to mostly sand and cut the tenons by hand.  Tung oil finish.

Finally, a set of 6 salad bowls and one larger serving bowl, Ash, 6 1/2" and 13",


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