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Jeff Larsen spoke to members about how he got into lute making, first starting by making lutes for Shakespearean plays. 

Jeff explained in detail the techniques he used to build his lutes and mentioned useful sources for advice on crafting lutes.

Thanks, Jeff, for an excellent presentation.


David Janowitz - Three tables and cutting boards mahogany, walnut and assorted woods.

Rick Spacek - Horses of pecan and cross of pine.

Chris Farquhar - Black Bear Cub

This is a Judy Gale Robert's design, took 2-weeks to make. It has 43-pieces made out of: Walnut; Black Walnut; Red Oak; White Oak & Ebony. Finished with spray on Poly

Dave VanDewerker - I made about a hundred various dinosaur and dragon puzzles out of mostly poplar but also a few maple and beech. They were all cut on a scroll saw using a Pegas #3 reverse skip blade.

These are for the toy drive for the club

Denis Muras - Toy dinosaurs.

Tom Paulley - 3-D Cutting Boards made from a plan from Jonathan Katz-Moses, using Cherry, Maple, Walnut, Purpleheart and Wenge. First board finished using mineral oil and beeswax, last two finished with Salad Bowl Finish cut 50% with mineral spirits. 



Lon Kelley - Spalted bowls. Over a year ago during the pandemic, Steve Wavro called to say he had salvaged a log that he thought would make a great bowl. We weren’t sure of the wood, but called it maple. It fits the definition of spalting as given to us by a program presenter; that is, the dark lines are boundaries established by competing funguses. The bowl is finished with spray poly.

Mike Hardy -

End table in black walnut and hickory. The top is black walnut with a ten degree bevel on all edges. The base is hickory with angled bridle joints pinned with shop made black walnut dowels. The risers for the floating top effect are also black walnut. It is all finished with Osmo Satin Polyx Oil.


Norm Nichols - Knife handle of padauk.

David Janowitz - Library boxes and tables.

Sankar Padhmanabhan - First is a Kitchen oil stand. It is made using hand tools only. The shelves are resawn and planed down to a 7/16" from a 4/4 White Oak. The sides are from Purple Heart. The joinery for lower shelf is dovetail. Pins/tails are marked free hand, so not all are the same. The top shelf is connected to the sides using a double tenon. With my imperfection in work, I find hand tools allow me more flexibility, since I can customize each joint/tenon etc. independently.  It is finished using spray lacquer.

Second is a Scrap wood project. I had lot of scrap from Cherry, Maple, Walnut lying around. Instead of throwing them out, I thought of making this which is inspired from a YouTube video. Scraps were of varying thickness, so to bring them all to same thickness I made a simple planning jig. The jig is basically 1/4" plywood with two wood pieces of exact height I wanted glued and houses the plane. The plane is contained to run straight by gluing another short piece of wood on top. After the scrap pieces were planed, I glued them to a backer board. Finished using spray lacquer.

Denis Muras - The cabinets that I constructed for Berean Christian Academy were assembled from Baltic Birch Plywood and expertly assembled with Kreg Pocket Hole screws. The school needed furniture for their new classes of Junior Kindergarten. After observing the asking price from Lakeshore Learning, I calculated that instead of their asking price of almost $3000, the Baltic Birch plywood would cost less than $600, so I offered to construct the units for about half that price.

The two lower cabinets are supported by casters so the teacher can relocate the units where they are needed. The two taller cabinets are for books and children's dress up.


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