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January 2020 Projects

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Chris Schwartz, WWCH Vice President, spoke to club members about his meeting with Travis G, President of the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association, a Maker-Space with a 38 year history and 1200 members. The SDFWA has a wide variety of commercial grade woodworking machines available for members to use.  Of inspirational interest, SDFWA released a book in December 2018 entitled “Constructing Wooden Toys”.  Chris is coordinating amongst members for inputs for a toy making book for publication.


David Janowitz - Turned bowls of Osage orange, water oak, cedar elm and spalted something.

Steve Wavro - Scroll sawed 50th anniversary heart (Sue May pattern) of Baltic birch and walnut.

Rich Bajenski - Mallets for flattening and tendorizing meat.

Chuck Meeder - Chip carvings (Lora Irish relief pattern) of basswood.

Lon Kelley - Illusion box of Wink1 wood.

David VanDewerker - Wooden hinged box of padauk, walnut, and bird's eye maple.

Rick Spacek - Burnings in red oak and Wink1 wood.

Chris Farquhar - Intarsia wolf heads of various woods.

George Graves - Bowls and sled for American Girl doll.

Tom Paulley - Turned snowmen of maple, walnut and cherry.

Terry Parrish - Cross made on CNC2 machine of red oak.

David Janowitz - Cutting boards of Osage orange and water oak and clamp arrangement.

Bob Wink - Popeye and Greene and Greene Arts and Crafts style cross and bookend.

Norm Nichols - Toothpaste tube squeezer (Steve Good pattern), box, and banjo neck rest holder.

John Gay - Cabinetry of aromatic red cedar and Wink1 wood.

David Janowitz - Progression from whopper log to usable slabs.


1Wink Wood: Bob Wink lives near a commercial woodworking facility that gives away what they consider to be scrap pieces of commercial grade plywood and misc hard woods.  Bob rescues this wood before a Grinch comes and takes the scrap for firewood.  Many woodworkers in WWCH have made good use of these excess pieces by making jigs, toys, and incorporating them into their projects as you’ve seen in many Show n Tell projects. This source of wood is what has become known as “Wink” wood
CNC - Computer Numerical Control

Photos:  Gary Rowen; Cabinetry, John Gay

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