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February 2019 Projects

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Our guest speaker, Scott Holmes, spoke about finishing wood. And he did.  On a topic that could go all day Scott provided numerous tips, explained a "ton" of techniques stuff, and answered many questions. 


It was overcast but Steve Wavro brought the sun in with him.  Steve created his intarsia sun using 89 pieces from pine, mahogany, and walnut then finished in satin except for the eyes which were done in high gloss. 

For his daughterís house in San Angelo Bill Teague crafted some valances for the semi-circular tops of windows.




David Janowitz has a craft show coming up so he showed club members several items that he crafted from Osage orange, water oak, walnut, ash, cherry and mesquite. Good luck to you David!

This intarsia lighthouse that will certainly light his way was crafted by Charles Volek from various woods then finished with Waterlux.


A tea box with Plexiglass top was crafted from poplar and walnut by Sankar then finished with water borne polyacrylic.  Is a teapot next?



Steve LeGrue showed members a cabinet made from walnut and walnut veneer on plywood.  The mortise and tenon joints were all hand made.   Steve also talked about the bowls that he turned including a bowl from a pecan tree hit by lightning 18 months ago.

Peter Doe didnít bring his guitar but he did bring the stand that he crafted from laminated pieces of mahogany and pecan. Peter explained the process that he underwent.


Jeff Larsen explained how strips of Eastern red cedar strips are heated then joined together on the bowl form to create the body of a lute.  Next will be the finished lute.  Will Jeff play us a tune? 

Singa demonstrated how CPR is done with the help of an automaton.   No dummy required for this demo. Watch short video of his automaton.


Photos:  Gary Rowen

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