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October 2018 Projects

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George Alderete, John Gay, Dane Schmitt and Henry Majou won big prizes at the annual WWCH BBQ picnic raffle.

A bluegrass band, Texas Sky, entertained members - good music guys...and gal! 



Paul Carr consructed this covered wagon for a church playgound

Steve Wavro crafted an Eagle intarsia from walnut, aspen, cedar, yellowheart and ebony.

George Graves created a few crosses.

Chuck Meeder shows his collapsable display rack and feather from walnut, puzzle from pine.

David Janowitz showed rolling pins, bowls, and cutting boards from Osage orange, water oak, cherry, Texas ebony,and walnut.

Dale Ward explained how his router jig from poplar works.

Dave VanDewerker crafted a couple of vases from plywood.
Tom Blanco made a small box of mesquite.

Rick Spacek explained how each figurine is actually two figures depending on which side you are viewing.


Photos:  Gary Rowen

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