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August 2018 Projects

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Michael Constantino, Regional Sales Manager for Festool, demonstrated the Festool system using Festool circular saw, joiner, and sander.  Michael showed club members how all these tools integrate with the portable tables and conveniently packable and easily movable tool boxes and, of course, the dust collector.  Numerous tips were provided by Michael who also answered member questions.


Terry Parrish - Rocking Chair & Texas Wall Art

Using a CNC machine on ½ inch Birch plywood, Terry Parrish crafted a rocking chair that can be disassembled and stored easily. The Texas wall art came from pieces of plywood used “differently”.


Tom Paulley - Shop Stool

A combo jointer-planer was delivered to Tom Paulley on a pallet of the nicest wood that he has seen – guessing maybe Austrian pine.  From a Popular Woodworking magazine design Tom crafted a foldable shop stool finished with two coats of Danish oil. 

David Janowitz - Trestle Table

A client of David Janowitz brought back a solid teak entertainment center from Thailand which David converted into a trestle table. The stretcher is secured by wedged tenons.David finished with water borne urethane. View more photos.

Rick Spacek - Peacock & Cabin

From a Charles Hand pattern Rick Spacek crafted a cabin out of Wink1 wood topped with acrylic paint and a clear coat.  From a picture came the peacock which included a little bit of carving then finished with clear coat for shine.

Norm Nichols - Cross

Confessing that not everything he does is on a scroll saw, Norm Nichols crafted this 20 inch cross from black walnut, poplar and purple heart of ¼ inch strips cut to various widths ½ to 1 inch.  Norm finished with clear stain and polyurethane spray.

Jack Bailie - Saw Horses

From three eight foot one by fours, Jack Baile made two Kernov style sawhorses of pine.  The top cross pieces are not glued but doweled to facilitate replacing for repair. Download plans for Jack's saw horses (PDF file). Thanks, Jack.

Bob Wink - Folk Art

Bob Wink hits the table with his folk art stage with Little Red Riding Hood and the proverbial Wolf.  Bob’s wife always wanted a Scotty Dog so Bob crafted one that brings its own luggage – plus no mess to clean up.  The armadillo was crafted for a friend and Bob thanked Norm Nichols for pointing out that armadillos have nine ribs and not seven.

Dave VanDewerker - Vases

Inspired by Steve Good patterns, Dave VanDewerker crafted several vases from cherry, maple, some scrap and some plywood then finished with spray lacquer. Are wood carved flowers next?.


George Graves - Boxes

George Graves showed members a small collection of little boxes all cut on a scroll saw. Pete Seeger can't sing his "Little Boxes" song here. 


Chris Farquhar - Beagle Intarsia

Chris Farquhar’s first attempt at intarsia turned out very well – an intarsia beagle of various woods finished with satin polyurethane.  He is looking forward to his next intarsia project. No, it didn’t start out as Snoopy.

Chris Schwartz - Toy Light Plane

For the Toy of the Month2, Chris Schwartz made a model of a light plane, a design inspired by fellow WWCH member Bill Hoffmeister.

Lisa Sessions - Bath Caddy

Lisa Sessions showed members her bath caddy of walnut and maple finished with coats of Waterlox (hmmm...an appropriate finish?).  Lisa isn’t likely to use it in the shower.



Dane Schmitt - Baptism Crosses

For his nephew’s baptism, Dane Schmitt double splined and glued a cross of jatoba and cherry then finished with paste wax.  He also added his nephew’s initials to the cross.  

David Janowitz - Trestle Table
This series of photos shows David's progress. The second photo from the left show the large quantity of nails and screws pulled out of the entertainment center.

1Wink Wood: Bob Wink lives near a commercial woodworking facility that gives away what they consider to be scrap pieces of commercial grade plywood and misc hard woods.  Bob rescues this wood before a Grinch comes and takes the scrap for firewood.  Many woodworkers in WWCH have made good use of these excess pieces by making jigs, toys, and incorporating them into their projects as you’ve seen in many Show n Tell projects. This source of wood is what has become known as “Wink” wood.
2Toy of the Month was started by Toy Program Coordinator, John Lastrapes, to encourage participation.


Photos:  Gary Rowen;  Trestle Table progress photos: David Janowitz;  Baptism Cross photos: Dane Schmitt

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