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October 2017 Projects

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  From a Steve Good design Norm Nichols scroll sawed a manger scene shadow box then finished with Waterlox.



Denis Muras showed club members a train that he crafted for his Mother-in-Law’s great grandson in New York City, a toy helicopter and Noah’s Ark for the November craft fair in Missouri City.  Denis also scroll sawed a couple of manger scene shadow boxes from a Steve Good design.



David Janowitz turned rolling pins, bottle stoppers and a bowl from Osage orange.


From a couple of Kathy Wise animal intarsia designs, Steve Wavro artfully pieced together a collection of wood pieces to craft two Nativity animals.  What is different is that both sides are intarsia and stand like statues.  


From an oak tree Rick Space scroll sawed these horse heads using a Sue Mey pattern.  The basket is of Corian and is from a Steve Good pattern.


David Janowitz shows bowls turned from water oak that aslo supplied wood for his table that he showed during the September meeting.


From wood reclaimed from a massive church renovation, Lon Kelley crafted about 80 crosses for the church to use a prizes for donations.




This segmented vase was turned from ten different kinds of wood by Sam Grice and then won prizes at the Fort Bend County Fair.  Way to go, Sam.


Lon Kelley claims that his lathe didn’t wobble when he turned his “crooked” bowl from mahogany, padauk and maple strips.  The five inch thick block was mounted at 8 degrees, turned, then finished with Crystal Clear Paste Wax.




At a knife making class in the Ozarks of Arkansas, George Graves crafted this knife, handle and sheath.  George walked club members through the metallurgical process that he undertook.  The handle is made of tiger striped maple.

The design for this folding table came from tables at a sidewalk café that Mike Hardy saw while in Innsbruck, Austria, a few years ago.   Mike made the table of clear pine with a shellac finish.  The third photo is of the original table showing how to allow the top to fold down.  Download PDF files for
instructions and leg design provided by Mike.


Gary Rowen crafted a few wall 24-hour clocks of various woods using double-twelve domino tiles for the numerals. This one is of red oak that Gary donated for the WWCH booth at the fair in Missouri City. The hands will be added later. Gary showed some examples of Chinook toy helicopters that Gary made of Wink1 wood for the WWCH toy program.  See tip about using dental floss2

Club members show the prizes won during WWCH's annual BBQ picnic.

The turn out was good, the BBQ was good and everyone had a good time at WWCH's annual BBQ picnic held at the Pavilion of the Bayland Community Center.
1Wink wood - Typically excess pieces of plywood from an industrial facility brought to club meetings by Bob Wink.
2When Gary mentioned that during a fit check some tiles wouldn’t come out easy, Lon Kelley suggested placing dental floss into the recess first which can then be used to pull the tile from the recess.


Photos and commentary:  Gary Rowen    

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