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February 2016


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Woodworkers Club of Houston display booth at the Woodworker's Show in Pasadena, TX, February 26,27,& 28 ,




Our support at The Woodworking Show was an astounding success.  We signed up seven new members.  It is unfortunate that we had to setup outside the Campbell Hall for lack of room for clubs and guilds inside. But it is fortunate that the weather was near perfect.  We setup three canopies, and the Show manager loaned us six tables, four more than we were allocated.

Dozens of folks stopped by our booth and admired or commented on the craftsmanship of our members and engaged us in conversation. We passed out dozens of flyers and newsletters.  We even had former members of our club stop by and say hello. 

Denis Muras setup his scroll saw and shared a lot of tips with visitors.  Denis supported our booth from pre-opening to close every day.  Gary Rowen was also there every day but Denis always got there earlier.  Several members either staffed multiple shifts or hung around for other shifts. 

Tim Shaunty set up his trailer full of slabs for sale and offered discounts to anyone joining the club plus offered discounts to members purchasing his slabs.

Many thanks to the members who displayed their craftsmanship at our booth our decks were awash in display items.  A big thank you to all of you who staffed a shift, loaned us canopies, or brought doughnuts snacks and bottled water or in some form or fashion supported our efforts at the WW Show.



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