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Making good use of wine and champagne bottle corks of specific sizes, Steve Wavro fashioned the cork and intarsia wine display of various woods.  Steve fashioned the grapes larger than the original design called for – easier to work.  The corks are nestled in a walnut frame....now let's talk about the wine.

Chuck Meeder took some cottonwood and carved out a phrase from the Lord’s Prayer which will be a gift for his daughter.  Chuck finished it with Danish oil and liquid wax.

Needing a convenient place to temporarily store rings worn by his wife while washing dishes, Chuck crafted a little rack upon which to set the rings – keeps them out of the sink drains.


Chuck also hand carved a coin bank box that features a 1950s vintage US Post Office box door – with a combination that actually works. Maybe it could be used as a bird house??



From a design borrowed from Chuck Lickwar, a fellow WWCH member, David Garcia created this helicopter intended for bigger kids. 


Encouraging members to make toys for children, Charles Volek stated that he has already made 90 toys for the WWCH toy program and showed examples made of plywood.  The frog on a leaf was crafted from pieces of poplar and other woods then finished with Waterlox.


Zigzag patterns and oddball shapes comprise David Janowitz’s collection of cutting boards crafted mostly from Osage orange (one from unknown wood).  David explained how he laid out the wood to get the patterns to align just right.  David finished the walnut bowl with Safecoat Naturals Oil Wax Finish

This was no cute itsy bitsy spider as it popped out of the box.  The challenge for Norm Nichols was getting the coat hanger wire at the right curvature and length for his scare box to work right.  Norm finished the box with beeswax – something the spider can nibble on.


Using plywood, affectionately known as “Wink” wood, Bill Harris made three inch dice cubes for outdoor play. The pips are hand-painted on. Seven or eleven?


Fusheng Wang didn’t want to pay the price that a contractor wanted for a tent to cover the attic access ladder so he made his own insulated tent.   Less heat will radiate into the house thus helping Fusheng “keep his cool”.

After cruising the Internet, John Lastrapes found some interesting examples of architecture patterns at the University of Houston and made an end table inspired by what he saw.  The 2x4s were cut to size then glued together then finished with polyacrylic to minimize yellowing.

Pictured are some of the raffle prize winners - many other members went home with their winnings. 

Denis Muras and Patti Page show off raffle tickets for sale.

WWCH members line up for BBQ

Denis Muras shows off his winning raffle ticket.  Denis did a trememdous job coordinating prizes for the raffle table.


Photos and commentary:  Gary Rowen            

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