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Alan Scoggins, Manager of Rockler Woodworking and Hardware, 3265 Southwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77027, came to our June meeting and spoke on finishing and refinishing providing numerous helpful tips while fielding questions from the floor.   



Fred Sandoval - Clamps for guitar necks

Fred Sandoval explained how he made these capos from walnut, mahogany, turquoise, maple, mother-of-pearl and leather.  Fred found that the only glue that would securely fasten the leather to the wood is Gorilla glue.  Fred used Waterlux as a finish.  A capo is “a clamp fastened across all the strings of a fretted musical instrument to raise their tuning by a chosen amount.” 


Bill Harris - Toy Cars for WWCH Toy Program

Setting a goal of 600 toy cars for this year’s WWCH toy program, and finding them fun and easy to make, Bill Harris scroll sawed these cars from Wink wood.  Wink wood is excess pieces of wood donated by Bob Wink.



Norm Nichols - Master Grill Plaque

Norm Nichols showed club members his plaque of black walnut and purple heart commemorating the outdoor BBQ griller.  Keep calm and grill on, Norm.



Norm Nichols - Scroll Sawed Jesus

For these images of Jesus, Norm Nichols explained how he stacked and cut two outlines then took the waste to form a contrasting second image using the second of two outlines as a positioning guide.   Clever, eh? 



Lon Kelley - Cutting Boards

Thinking ahead for Christmas, Lon Kelley prepared these cutting boards from leftover padouk and ersatz mahogany. The boards are finished with mineral oil. hmmm..how can they be cutting boards when there are no sharp edges? 


John Gay - Box with Sliding Lid 

Planning ahead for Christmas gifts for older kids, John Gay used leftover pieces of cedar from a neighbor’s newly installed fence to craft these sliding lid boxes.  Before utilizing the cedar pieces John used a drum sander to smooth them a bit. 


Bob Wink - Whimsical Designs

From his gallery of whimsical creations comes Bob Wink’s “ode” to the Postman.  Neither rain nor sleet (nor flood) stopped Bob in this project.




Chris  Farquhar. - Clothing Hanger 

Until you hold it up and push on the bottom you don’t know that the slats partly “fall” out to become hangers for coats, boots, or even ten-gallon cowboy hats. Chris Farquhar crafted these of cherry, oak and chestnut for his son.  Chris drilled several mounting holes in the back to allow for choices of where to place the mounting screws.


Glen Edwards - Crosses

Working towards crafts show at the end of the year, Glen Edwards crafted these beautiful crosses of Baltic birch on face and ½ inch walnut on back.  Glen used a little bit of Wink wood too. 


Andy Anderson - Vase

Andy Anderson says that his vase (or is it vas) was made from southern wood – “pee” can.  All he needs now is a stemmed magnolia.


Mark Bolinger - Coffee Table

Mark Bolinger made this coffee table of walnut for his son who provided the desired dimensions. Mark says that this table is the first project that he has done in a long time that didn’t have some Wink wood in it.  Mark chairs the hand-tool splinter group but admitted that this project wasn’t all made from hand tools. 


Dean Grimes - Goblet with Ringed Stem 

Dean Grimes showed club members an example of an anniversary goblet with captured rings that he is making for gifts.  They are made of cherry and finished with mineral oil and bees wax.  Dean says “everyone” wants one – geee I wonder why. 



Fred Sandoval - Recipient of the "Bob Wink Award" presented by Bob Wink

Again, from the gallery of Wink’s whimsical creations, comes Bob Wink’s tribute to Fred Sandoval’s guitar making skills (Fred spoke to members about guitar making at the May meeting).  Bob presented Fred with his “ode” to the western guitar cowboy, hat and all.  Dig the western belt buckle (middle photo). Yippee ti yay! 



Peter Doe - Desk

Admitting that his garage is comfortable for working in but not the most conducive to design work, Peter Doe set up his spare bedroom with a desk that he made of maple.  The legs came from an old solid maple bench that once belonged to his father-in-law.  The drawer fronts are crafted from curly maple.  Peter explained the uniqueness of his drawer design (far right photo). Now he can do like many other folks do – cover it up with work. 


Photos and commentary:  Gary Rowen,  Doe's desk project photos: Peter Doe         

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