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Mike Turner, Vice President WWCH, explained to Club members various ways to use portable power tools to double as stand alone tools.  This becomes very useful when you have a small budget or live in a "shopless" home, very typical of young woodworkers just starting out.


David Janowitz -Cutting Boards

A memo to friends and relatives resulted in several requests to David Janowitz for cutting boards mostly of Osage orange and some red oak.  Because Osage orange is quite stable David was more concerned with glue expansion rather than wood expansion.  David used a drum sander then finished with mineral oil. 

  Loren Gideon - Band Saw Boxes

Being new to woodworking, Loren Gideon watched a video about band sawed boxes and then made a couple.  Because his wife loves dragonflies and has a great big heart he carved a dragonfly with a head made of maple in the shape of a heart.

Steve Wavro - Pull Toy and Wedding Guest Board

Some can’t live by intarsia alone so Steve Wavro made a wedding tree for guests to sign.  Steve also read a book from the Club library about making animated toys.  After learning the hard way Steve stressed that you need to read the directions before you start cutting.  Steve also had to make a jig to reduce the wheel size diameter.

Bob Wink - Folk Art Extended Shoe Box, Texas Navy and "Intarsia" Portrait

Bob Wink was inspired by a ship he saw at a local museum folk art show so he crafted a Texas Navy ship himself.  From a garage sale acquired shoe box Bob improved on it – for big shoes maybe?  Being told that “real” intarsia must use the color of real wood, Bob used red oak, white pine and black walnut to create his portrait.

Larry Burgess - Navy Service Scroll Saw Plaque

Larry Burgess is a retired pastor and needed something to give back to the community so he started making plaques that he would give to service men.  This plaque is of Lauan (or Luan) plywood backing the top of Baltic birch.

Don Pott - Intarsia Squirrel and Cub Medallion

Don Pott has been working on his Cub plaque for a year hoping it would bring good luck – and it worked.  Don thanks Fred Sandoval and Steve Wavro for all their help leading to a very nice squirrel intarsia.

Chuck Meeder - Christmas Ornaments

Chuck Meeder carved some Christmas ornaments from basswood.  Chuck finished with water borne acrylics topping off with spray on Deft lacquer.

Fred Sandoval - Slot Cutter Jig

Fred Sandoval showed Club members how he uses his homemade jig to make slots for 45 degree miters (wood joints, not bishop headdresses). 

Mark Bolinger - Shaving Pony

Not having enough room for a shaving horse, Mark Bolinger made a shaving pony instead and explained to Club members how to use it. It is easier and more efficient to use as opposed to a vice clamp – you have to constantly adjust the handle.   The geometry of the holes is important as well as leather on the jaws.

  Lon Kelley - Recipe Boxes

Parallel strand lamination lumber leftover from construction in his neighborhood became the wood source for Lon Kelley’s pair of recipe boxes.  Lon also spoke about the process.    There were voids that Lon filled with stainable filler – squeegeed it in then sanded.

Rebecca DeGroot - Artistic Critter "Dauntless"

Rebecca DeGroots “critters” seem to take on a personality when she completes them so she named this one, “Dauntless”.  The quills are of rosewood and the body of maple.  The body was originally turned on a lathe then shaped to final form.  Paste wax finished the quills and spray satin polyurethane finished the body. 

  Mark Womack - Desk

A fun first time project for Mark Womack was a desk that his wife pretended to like to two years.  So Mark came up with a new design using Sketchup.  Joinery is pocket holes and glue.  Handles from Hobby Lobby.  Mark finished with water borne polyurethane because oil based yellows over time which Mark didn’t want.

Tim Shaunty - Kitchen Supplies and Plywood Carvings

“You can’t carve plywood” was the challenge that Tim Shaunty accepted.  Tim carved a fish and because it looked like a fish the “loser” donated $100 to a women’s shelter.  Way to fund raise, Tim.  Tim explained how he used King Arthur angle grinder wheels to rough out the shapes from Wink wood which was followed by lots of sanding.  

George Graves - Scrollsaw Work

Using a scroll saw that his wife bought him, George Graves crafted a plaque for a friend, some Christmas ornaments for his wife, a cutting board for his daughter, who just got married,  and a sleigh to hold their big collection of Christmas cards, two.  George used patterns from Steve Good designs. 



Photos and commentary:  Gary Rowen           

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