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For the February meeting, the club met at TX/RX Labs for a combined field trip and general meeting. TX/RX is a non-profit “Hackerspace” which provides classes, tool access, and 30,000 square feet of workspace for the community to learn and make togeth-er. Pattrick Waters led the tour of the facility.
The tour was very interesting! The facility has fully equipped shops for woodworking, metal working, weld-ing, and bicycle maintenance and repair. TX/RX Labs also has a rapid fabrication lab with 3D printers and a laser cutter, an electronics lab, com-puter lab, and a very large CNC rout-er in the woodworking shop. Re-cently, they have opened a photography studio area and an arts and crafts studio.
Members of TX/RX have access to the different equipment after taking a class or being checked out on the piece of equipment. There are differ-ent levels of membership that provide different levels of access. For more information, check out their website, TX/RX Labs.



Bob Wink shared several of his wood art pieces: Button Babe, a bird with pieces of carved driftwood, and skeleton man that showcased his version of Intarsia. He explained that he got help from Steve Wavro to ensure that all of the pieces fit tightly together!


Ron Kuenning showed a magazine holder and a barber sign he had made. The magazine holder is made with Wink wood. The barber sign is made from oak and mahogany, and the stripes on the barber pole are inlaid polymer clay. The pattern for the sign is from Steve Good.


Dave VanDewerker presented his coasters. The coasters are made of scraps of pine, mahogany, cherry, and white oak in the center with a border of poplar. Dave cut the strips on a band saw and then glued them up as one big square using Tightbond 3. The scraps in the center are cut in a 2 to 1 ratio.

David Janowitz presented several pieces that he’s made from Osage orange wood which has a natural yellow col-or. The pieces included two small turned bowls, a turned mallet, a round box with a lid, and a table. David noted that Osage orange wood is the hardest wood in North America. He constructed the pieces at TX/RX Labs


        Charles Volek showed his filigreed cross and napkin holder. The cross is from a Kathy Wise pattern and is made of cherry and finished with polyurethane. Charles noted that is was challenging to cut out! The napkin holder is made from virola wood and finished with honey pecan stain and polyurethane.. 
   The toy for the February meeting was a bandsaw box shaped like a fish. Every month, a new toy pattern will be available. You can pick up the pattern by committing to make 13 toys — 12 for the toy group and one for yourself. The toys will be due in the fall. The club will provide small parts like wheels for the toys if they are needed.  
Steve Wavro presented his Intarsia piece, “Little Girl with Flower.” The work is based on a Gail Roberts pattern and has 69 pieces. Steve used a wood burner for details on the girl’s hat amd shoes.

Bob Wink also presented his piece “Smart Attack” to Mike Turner to show Mike’s method of reminding his students to use their heads!


Dave Morales showed the kid’s table a chairs he made. He used a free downloadable pattern from Jacks Furniture Plans website.

Project Photos:  Gary Rowen                            Captions and Summaries: Lisa Sessions

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