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November 2014 Projects



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Allen Scroggins from Rockler spoke to members about some new products Rockler is offering. And just in time for the Christmas holidays.



Bob Wink with his bumper cars and his version of Segway.


Dean Grimes with a bottle stopper and a bowl for it to "rest" in while not in service?

Denis Muras showed photos of his kitchen overhaul - obviously a labor of loooove!


Don Lackey and his planter - bulbs for springtime?.


Joseph Rice puzzled us with his puzzle.

Linzie Rogers crafted these boxes to neatly organize some tools.
Lon Kelley with a lamp to light up our day.

Lorraine Lewis doesn't need an exquisitely carved cane but she'll be ready should she need one.

Niklas Oberfeld will fly high with his finely crafted airplane.

Rick Spacek shows a magnificent way to display the Lord's Prayer which can be recited at the End of the Trail.


Ron Kuenning and his vase with polymer clay inserts. 

Steve Wavro gobbled up some time showing his intarsia Thanksgiving turkey.




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