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Scott Holmes spoke to club members about finishing wood.  Scott has been woodworking for about 42 of his 53 years and seriously woodworking for the last 27 years. His focus is on finishes and he is a frequent contributor to web blogs where he shares his knowledge and ideas. He says that finishing is a process, a series of steps, unique to the type of finishing you are using. You must use the appropriate process to achieve the desired results. Done correctly, you’ll have a finish that you’ll want to “show off”.  Scott provided numerous tips on finishing from the sanding process trough the final coat.



Bob Wink was inspired by last month's pod lamp by Jeremy Grubb so Bob crafted his version.  Ay! Caramba. Chuck Lickwar demonstrates the importance of careful planning.  Bob Wink's El Senor looks like he measured once and cut twice.

Larry Wenner peeks in the mirror that he crafted to match his sideboard that he showed to club members at the December meeting. Now his guests can preen before making their grand entry. It is made of walnut and curly maple.

This beautiful box showed up on the Show 'n Tell table then walked off.  Our compliments to whomever crafted this fine looking box.





This fine cross was crafted by Lee Kneekow.  Baltic Birch backing with maple and some walnut stain. 

Owl about that, says Charles Volek
as he modestly hoots about the many species of wood used to craft this fine owl in intarsia.

A box made of pear wood was handmade by Josh Nichols.

Josh Nichols also showed club members his Stickley style book shelf of quartersawn red oak.


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