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Randy Keys, with Canyon Mesquite and Hardwoods, was the speaker for the September 14th meeting. Randy’s presentation was entitled: “Logs to Lumber: The Nature of Wood”. Randy, by his own admission, is a Recovering Accountant who entered the wood business about 8 years ago. With his own sawmill and kiln, Canyon Mesquite and Hardwoods, specializes in unique hardwoods, primarily milled for flooring. Randy discussed the lessons he has learned, qualities and characteristics of wood, and shared what specialty woods might be available to the hobbyist at Canyon Mesquite and Hardwoods. Stocking various sizes and varieties of hardwoods, Canyon Mesquite is a new source for members of the Woodworkers Club of Houston.






Chuck Lickwar stands by his maple display rack.

A cabinet, that Chuck Lickwar made, is full of his hand-turned pens for sale. 

Chuck Meeder shows how his Noah's Ark comes apart so all the animals, 2x2 can load to avoid the flood.

Bill Byrne worked with Chuck Meeder on the Noah's Ark by making the animals.





Six layers of laminate were bent by Chuck Meeder to form this handle.  A tisket a tasket a blue basket...

John Nichols stands by his walnut stand that neatly folds back....that is, after you remove the items.

Jeremy Grubb uses a slide show to chronicle his process for crafting this eloquent table of mahogany.


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