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Fred Sandoval, a longtime member of Woodworkers Club of Houston, provided oodles of tips for making bow saws. Ash and White Oak are good wood choices but maple is not. Fred recommends quarter sawn wood. All the joints are mortise and tenon but are not glued.  The tips of the tenons are rounded to allow joint flexibility. .o







Gary Rowen made several models of the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, the ones also called "Chicago Typewriters", but Gary called them "Chicago Bowl Cleaners".  The models were for sale at the WWCH booth in Missouri City.  This model is made of Red Oak. Chuck Meeder crafted these Christmas tree ornaments from Cherry wood. John Gay proudly stands by his bird cage.  John doesn't plan to "tweet" about this on the Internet.  Bob Wink showed club members his Kilroy Was Here decoration and his Ode to Golf.  What won't Bob think of next?



How about a shotgun along with a duck and a birddog.  From Bob Wink, who else?

Oops!  Forget what Bob called this piece of folk art. 

Jeff Larsen talked about how he constructed these three bows of Yew, Red Cedar and Osage Orange.

Charles Volek hoots about his detailed owl of Pecan crotch wood.







Mark Sweigart hammers home some finer points about mallet making.  This one is made of Jacoba wood.

Charles Volek also showed club members his three intarsia birds.  They are probably looking out for that owl.






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