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Eric Comstock spoke to club members about boats.  Eric represents a group of amateur boat builders and sailors based in Houston.  The boats they build are called "Puddle Duck Racers" (www.pdracer.com)   They are 4' x 8' scows, that can be sailed, rowed or motor driven.  They meet in the afternoon of the second Saturday of each month at Buffalo Run Park (near Fondren and South Beltway 8) to sail, race and generally have fun.  They are a family oriented, easy going, informal group.

One of the important activities that the group practices is holding "Hatches" where they get together and help others to build boats of their own.  Most boats are built using inexpensive materials that are available at Ho
me Depot or similar stores for about $200.  They are currently working on plans for a boat that, they hope, can be built in a single day.


Chuck Meeger deftly crafted these fine crosses; the Celtic crosses of cherry & mesquite the ornate of cherry. The one in the middle has a bracket on the back so it can tie ends of scarves or shawls together - for fashionable wearing. Norm Nichols crafted a shoe-plaque for his daughter who may be distantly related to Imelda Marcos - or so it seems. The shoe is quilted maple on mesquite. The cross is of red oak. The backing is velour paper on a 1/8" piece of Baltic Birch plywood. Once again club members were bowled over with Lon Kelley's bowl making skills.  A forty year old palm tree donated the wood.  Lon spoke of the trials and tribulations of working with palm. This hall table, finely crafted by Larry Wenner, of walnut, pine and poplar.  Tiger maple veneer skirts below the top.

Mark Bolinger definitely has woodworking on his plate made of maple.  The bowl is of pear (the wood, not the fruit).

Chris Farquhar shows his clocks in the spirit of Texas and Texans.  Any time is time for fishing.  Did Chris make the fish clock of Basswood?

Sean O'Connor uses this mallet whenever his pneumatic nailer runs out of air. It is made of chakte viga -- another spelling lesson.

Steve Wavro shows club members his log hauling truck made of pine.




Did Elvis visit the Colonel (both a.k.a. Bob Wink) and bequeath guitars and banjoes upon him? One guitar is a certified (?) replica of a guitar played by Jimmie Hendricks.

Bob Wink holds his not-so-green tambourine while showing his dueling banjoes collection. The one in Bob's left hand is from a tennis racket.  BTW, Bob is not "high" strung.

Steve wavro received an email from his daughter showing the penetrating eyes of her cat. The sign if made of walnut and Baltic Birch.




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