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WWCH's very own Fred Sandoval demonstrated to club members how to hand cut dovetails.  Fred stressed that if you are creating a period look it is imperative that you hand cut the dovetails.  Fred also likes dovetails because he can cut them fast and not have to fool with a jig.  Marking and labeling your pieces will help you keep your work oriented, in other words, help you keep track of tails and pins (or is it pins and needles?).  Fred recommends doing the pins first.  Sawing the joints, careful chisel cutting and cleaning was demonstrated by Fred as you can see in these photos. There were many tips provided by Fred as he stepped through the process of marking the joint, the cutting and the cleaning.

Just a word or two about Fred. He is multi-talented, equally adept at traditional furniture and as a luthier, making and repairing violins, violas and other stringed instruments. He has an impressive shop that includes some truly heavy duty equipment like a massive 12" jointer. He is now retired from being an airline flight instructor and pilot, and is now devoting more time to woodworking, including teaching woodworking classes.

He makes and uses his custom designed jigs and winding sticks and has been a frequent presenter at the WWCH Show and Tell.

See his website for more insight into the many facets of Fred Sandoval: http://www.fsandoval-luthier.com/

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WBrian Honey has a honey of a project with his chest of drawers that included 92 dovetail joints.  The chest is made of mahogany but the door front is of tiger maple. 

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    Cliff Ober shows club members a drawer that he is crafting.  Soon will see into what that drawer goes.  


Mark Sweigart doesn't plan on rocking all his nights away or going off his rocker but he is proud of this rocker that he crafted of cherry.

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      L1030200.JPG (131940 bytes)  L1030222.JPG (82757 bytes)  St. Francis of Assisi is rendered in intarsia by Charles Volek.  St. Francis is known as the patron saint of animals, hence the animals featured in Charles' work.  Charles made two, one for his wife and the other for auction at his church.
A parade marshal's baton was turned by Norm Nichols out of black walnut.  Norm carved the figurine for the ends.  Don't expect to see a beat cop with something as beautiful as this.

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  L1030231.JPG (97926 bytes) IMG_1826.JPG (210096 bytes) This ice cream scoop mounted to a display was created by Denis Muras for a friend who participates in ice cream socials.  Me...well...I prefer a biiiiiiig scoop.  

Denis also described the construction of a tractor from Toymaker Press. The model was being made from cherry and will have the oil/wax finish that the toy group is using. Denis expects to have it completed for the June meeting.

Jeremy Grubb deftly crafted this table of mahogany and used his skill of marquetry to grace the top with bees.  After Show 'n Tell members were seen buzzing around Jeremy.  L1030234.JPG (64114 bytes)    L1030237.JPG (78433 bytes) L1030239.JPG (156903 bytes)


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