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Maestro extraordinaire of violin making, Fred Sandoval, spoke to members about techniques he used to hand craft violins.  Although the wood does not have to come from the alps of Austria or the forests of Italy, it must be air dried for at least eight years.  Fred only uses animal glue because that allows one to disassembly the violin later if repairs are necessary. Measurements must be precise to a tolerance of one millimeter - I suppose a yard stick wouldn't work very well.  In the right most photo Fred holds a tray of several small planes, each a different size.  Fred's collection of gouges are of varying sizes also.  Fred scrapes and measures, scrapes and measures, and then scrapes and measures.....and so on.  
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  Cliff Ober handmade everything about this saw, including the blade.  Cliff took a mud knife and filed teeth into it for a saw edge.  The handle is constructed of bocote.  Definitely a piece of work that is a "cut" above.

You can almost hear the island drums announcing the arrival of John Gay's Uga Chucka. There are seven secret  compartments (oops, I spilled the beans) and John is demonstrating one by hiding a "jewel" in it.  The "head and face" are two halves of a bowl. John used hard maple, mahogany and walnut. The center drawers are finished with a stone colored paint.  L1000207.JPG (161743 bytes) L1000194.JPG (496898 bytes) L1000213.JPG (198898 bytes)

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               Lon Kelley explained how he cut one bowl from a wet pecan log and then just let it dry adding interesting character to the bowl. The other two bowls are of ash.
  Jay "Mario" Marks explained the technique for using his pizza peel for transfering pizza to and from an oven.  The pizza peel is of mesquite and hard maple . L1000205.JPG (74992 bytes)  L1000218.JPG (77402 bytes)

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  Jack Hutchison explained how he used regular glue to affix this crotch walnut veneer to a walnut substrate to grace the face of a an eighteenth century drawer.
   This cherry shadow box was crafted by Monte Richard for a friend to show off mugs in his office. The top trim is easily removable to allow one to remove the front glass piece.  L1000203.JPG (198372 bytes)  L1000223.JPG (156911 bytes)
L1000231.JPG (99423 bytes)  L1000201.JPG (125514 bytes)    Mike Turner shows how he can adjust the pole lamp that he crafted to suit. 
 Andy Anderson brought these painted toys to the meeting to show the fine paint artistry of Martha Harper.  The toys were cut to shape by Bill Cole and sanded by Ramona Darden.   L1000196.JPG (159242 bytes)


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