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DSC00261.JPG (93492 bytes) DSC00262.JPG (104921 bytes) Glen Edwards holds his scrollsawed picture of Jesus that he crafted of 1/8 inch birch plywood with a #5 blade and 16-18 hours of labor. It will be a gift to his pastor. The crosses are also scrollsawed.  Notice that the "amazing grace" letters make a well proportioned cross.  Glen shows how the chlid's horse parts all fit together.

Mike Turner shows the skids on the bottom of a tool caddy that one of his high school shop's student made.  Mike pointed out that the wood was bird's eye pine that is shunned by folks without an eye for woodworking. The toolbox, also constructed by a student, is made from dumpster-headed oak lumber core plywood       DSC00266.JPG (103991 bytes) DSC00246.JPG (158845 bytes) DSC00247.jpg (154794 bytes)

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Click here to visit a host of other projects that Mike completed. 

    Richard Storm describes how he glued up mahogany, walnut, and maple to form cutting boards.  He finished them with mineral oil and beeswax.  Richard also stated that, even though a drum sander did a great job, he still needed to finish sanding with a random orbital sander.  He said if he used fine grit in his drum sander it would tend to burn.

 What's in a name? This Webmeister thinks it's an umbrella stand. Because everything MUST have a name, Lon Kelley elected to call his creation "Piercings Galore". Lon created this for a craft show entry but after having his entries rejected several times he realized that his entries weren't "weird" enough.  This "thing" is made of imbulia and maple with Chinese dowels for accent. One club member thought it was an oil filter....brrrppptt ding.

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 Rich Thomas described how he cannibalized laser printers for motors and pieced together other parts to make an automatic reproducing machine for only a few bucks.  Rich showed Club members several examples of what he can do with the arrangement 
Rich Thomas showed slides of his kitchen island of oak with a granite top.  The legs were purchased.  As you can see it contains a hidden wine rack.     DSC03925.jpg (419535 bytes)  DSC03926.jpg (609258 bytes)
    8.jpg (356368 bytes) Click here to see more photos showing how Ted Ojevich raises and lowers his router - whirrrrrrrrr.


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