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Mike Turner, left, and Saul Harris, right, talk about their favorite tools but graciously spared us by not singing "My Favorite Things". Mike strongly and emphatically recommended that you toss those push sticks away and use a push board; Mike holds one is his hand.  Speed squares are very handy.  Mike likes a Lancelot which he calls a "chain saw on steroids" which is essentially a chain type blade on an angle grinder - be sure and keep the guard on.  Power planes are handy for dressing down a door but cut lightly.  Mike liked the Bosch jigsaw because the blade cuts straight and is not held in place by a set screw.  A Bessey corner clamp is great for squaring corners.  Saul shows club members a magnetically attached device to hold wood firmly against the table saw face.
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  Cliff Ober shows off his tool handles that were made using compression nut fittings, an idea he read about in WK Fine Tools; an article on compression nut handles. The marking tool is of cocobola and kingwood then buffed and waxed.

L1000149.JPG (101987 bytes)  Cliff Ober poses next to the screen where he presented a series of photos on his bathroom restoration project.  To see those photos, click here.

Jeff Marks brought in some segmented bowls that he made.

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L1000142.JPG (188597 bytes) L1000144.JPG (260405 bytes) L1000154.JPG (92615 bytes) Joe Jenkins shows his tractor of various scrap woods.  The design is from a book, "Making Toys" that he borrowed from the club library.

                Perhaps a wrist watch for the Jolly Green Giant or Paul Bunyan.  A work of craftsmanship by Bob Roeder.  Bob explained how he used a router and jigs to make all the pieces.

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L1000134.jpg (232411 bytes)  L1000135.JPG (299948 bytes)L1000157.JPG (112246 bytes)  Bill Byrne points out features in one of his finely crafted intarsia works.
    Mike Turner holds the piece that morphed into the electrical outlet board that he has his high school students make as part of their cirriculum. To view plans on how to make one, click here. L1000140.JPG (259879 bytes)   L1000160.JPG (74342 bytes)
L1000163.JPG (114313 bytes) IMG_0401.jpg (45483 bytes) Ridg Gilmer poses by a presentation of his miter saw bench and his Kreg measuring system.  


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