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October's Presentation
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Mark Bolinger talks to club members about the fine art of making planes.
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Whoooooo crafted this nifty owl?  None other than Norm Nichols.  The carved scrollsawed rifle won Norm First Prize and Outstanding Entry at the Fort Bend County Fair. 

Only through the looking glass will Dave VanDerwerker see himself as he gazes into his hand crafted work. Scrap wood such as purple heart, leopard wood, and walnut finished with lacquer and polyurethane provide beautiful holders upon that which he may reflect. DSC00135.JPG (175457 bytes) DSC00148.JPG (83337 bytes) DSC00142.jpg (306150 bytes)



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 Jeff Marks explains his bowling technique; skillful use of compound bevels.  click here to see photos of Jeff's progress.

 Richard Storm describes how he crafted his personal railroad from maple. The box car door moves and so do the wheels. Toot! Toot!.

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  Andy Anderson brought in more toys and pointed out that some of them were lizards and not dinosaurs.



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