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Mike Turner demonstrates how to properly feed narrow stock through a table saw by using a push stick to push the stock through and a pole stick to keep the front of the piece on the table. In the left photo, Mike models safety glasses - with side protectors - a must if you are working with something that might break apart.  Why? The tendency is to turn your head to protect your eyes but without side protectors you have just exposed the side an eye to the exploding fragments.      


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Marcus Brun, Susan Mullins and Andy Anderson spoke to club members about how they will construct these cabinets, fill them with toys, mostly doll furniture, and provide them to centers that provide homes for children. 

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Garry Findley can brad his own nails with May's door prize. DSC00045.JPG (153438 bytes)
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Garry Findley showed club members his 5th crib of quartersawn oak.  The bottom is 1/4 inch plywood.
DSC00027.JPG (69377 bytes) This piece of furniture looks suspiciously like a cardboard mock up.  Guess what?  It is just that and Dennis Serig will brief us on his progress with the real piece.

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Steve Singleton talks about how he made this red oak trestle table from a Norm Abram pattern.  

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The joinery is called a "tusk tenon".


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This unique bowl crafted by John Gay will be featured on Home and Garden TV's program, "That's Clever".  A TV crew spent six hours in his workshop taping his progress for a 10 minute show segment.


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Dan Smith shows club members toy puzzles he crafted.
DSC00005.jpg (233208 bytes) DSC00032.JPG (118781 bytes)  Andy Anderson is flying high with these toy helicopters.  The rotor blades are from discarded venetian blinds.
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Jerry Harmsen shows pull toys to club members 

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DSC00017.JPG (202971 bytes) DSC00034.JPG (83395 bytes) Glen Edwards talks about his clock.  The pendulum swings ..well... like a pendulum because it is motorized. 

Cliff Ober can now hold court with this gavel, the head of mesquite and the handle from a handle of an imported wheelbarrow. hmmm...wonder what he did with the rest of the wheelbarrow? 


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Plainly these aren't plain planes and Mark Bolinger skillfully points out the features of these hand made planes crafted mostly from scrap wood.
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Bob Roeder shows off his chair of select pine 1x6s, 1x2s and 1/2 inch dowels.

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DSC00041.jpg (164828 bytes)  Tommy Belyeu demos how to use this spin toy.


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