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Richard Zagrzecki from Festool explains how this family owned German company produces unique high performance precision products geared for the serious craftsman who typically works at a job site. Richard demonstrated how the Festool dust collection system greatly minimizes dust in the air.     


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David VanDerwerker  grabs the door prize, bit by bit, 

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Dayton Dickey shows his box of spalted pin oak top, mulberry corner piece and pin oak sides.
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Norm Nichols displays the toy semi he crafted.  The logs are drum sticks - how do you "beat" that piece of ingenuity?

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Norm Nichols holds up one of the red oak scroll saw pieces he made using a #5 reverse scroll saw blade.  The bird is backed by 1/8 inch plywood.

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Bill Byrne holds a pine elephant, one of many examples of toys that he crafted then topped off with a non-toxic finish.


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Gary Findley talks about his coasters, mortar and pestle, and sledge hammer made of wet mesquite -- I'm kidding about the sledge hammer - it's really a hammer for muzzle loading firearms.  For the mortar he used virgin olive oil on the inside and Danish oil on the outside. The other crafts are finished with Danish oil.
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Mike Turner is going to give someone the "boot". It came from one piece of 2x4.
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This rocking chair, a simplified design from the original plan, was crafted by Gene Borden. He tapered the back, used larger spindles and then added side spindles.  It is walnut stained white oak finished with oil and urethane. 


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