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SerigJan07-33.jpg (111862 bytes)  WavroJan07-55.jpg (149326 bytes)
Dennis Serig


Steve Wavro


 ForbesJan07-29.jpg (169978 bytes)  HeroesJan07-30.jpg (203234 bytes)
Dottie Forbes honored several members for their work on the toy drive by calling them her heroes and presenting each of them with a special award.

From Left to Right: Glenn Edwards, Lon Kelley, Bill Cole, Jim Robertson, Marcus Brun, Andy Anderson, and Bill Harris.


     JacksonJan07-28.jpg (131914 bytes)

John Jackson receives a special award, a "special" chef's hat for his assistance as a chef at the annual club BBQ.
Jamie Powers receives a special award for providing use of his BBQ equipment and for his guidance and expertise.    PowersJan07-26.jpg (129798 bytes)

DittrichJan07-58.jpg (216798 bytes)

Stephen Dittrich walks away with this month's door prize.
ProcterJan07-57.jpg (133361 bytes)
 Steve Procter presented a slide show and offered tips on making large cabinet projects.

Set up and make as many repetitive cuts as you can.

Label all pieces on a non-disappearing edge.

Don't be too precise when you will be installing between two enclosing walls - walls are not precision constructed.

Finish all flat surfaces before assembly.

Use jigs whenever possible, for example to lay out holes for drawer handles - you only have to measure once.


DucksJan07-13.jpg (249246 bytes)    DucksJan07-17.jpg (211030 bytes)  DucksJan07-18.jpg (285748 bytes)  HalfHullJan07-14.jpg (143337 bytes) ShoreBirdJan07-11.jpg (106666 bytes)  ShoreBirdJan07-12.jpg (164364 bytes) MarksJan07-37.jpg (133752 bytes)

Jeff Marks is no quack when it comes to carving ducks and shore birds out of basswood.  The half hulls might be for sailing on Half Moon Bay and are made of basswood, cedar and mahogany.
RockHorseJan07-08.jpg (139667 bytes)  HutchisonJan07-40.jpg (133425 bytes)  EndTableJan07-09.jpg (108320 bytes)
Jack Hutchison points out features in his nicely crafted rocking horse for his grandson. Jack used natural cherry and the two balls for the feet rests are of birch.  This horse is based on an original from 17th century London, England.

The end table and the rocking chair were both made from the same log, the table a couple of years ago.  Jack brought in the table to show the aging affects of cherry.

DebenderJan07-41.jpg (175922 bytes)  CoffeeTableJan07-25.jpg (443930 bytes)
John Debender explains that he salvaged the glass for this red oak coffee table from an old refrigerator -- now that is "cool". He used a mortise and tenon jig to make the joints. The finish is wipe-on polyurethane.
IntarsiaBasketJan07-07.jpg (233717 bytes)   WavroJan07-42.jpg (139480 bytes)
A basket of flowers deftly crafted from many domestic and exotic species of wood is held by Mark Sweigart as Steve Wavro provides tips and tricks on his techniques. The basket weave look is achieved by altering the orientation of the wood grain. 
IndianHeadJan07-06.jpg (125345 bytes)  HughesJan07-44.jpg (185956 bytes)
The Indian head of basswood was hand carved from one block by Steve Hughes.
FreehJan07-45.jpg (164448 bytes) PensJan07-05.jpg (242582 bytes)
Colton Freeh talks about how he and his grandfather turned scraps of exotic wood into fine writing instruments.
GameBoardJan07-04.jpg (212816 bytes)  MurasJan07-46.jpg (193137 bytes) MurasJan07-47.jpg (182958 bytes) 
 A game board of solid cherry by Dennis Muras.  Dennis showed a photograph of a wood frame he made to hang in a school memorializing the victims of the World Trade Center destruction.  The encased US flag was presented to the family of a victim.  Dennis said a local frame shop had quoted $1200 to make the frame -- Dennis made the frame and donated it.
WeatherStationJan07-03.jpg (140117 bytes)  GayJan07-50.jpg (155251 bytes)
John Gay should have no trouble following the weather with this mahogany weather station stained in rosewood and finished with polyurethane.  The tissue box rotates on a lazy susan.
BoxJan07-20.jpg (184850 bytes)  ThomasJan07-51.jpg (165238 bytes)
Scrap mahogany squares top off this box of maple by Rich Thomas. 
JigJan07-35.jpg (286614 bytes)  WhiteJan07-52.jpg (162530 bytes)  JigJan07-36.jpg (238204 bytes)
Bill White explains how he uses this rock hard maple jig on a sliding table saw to make tenons.
 OctTableJan07-22.jpg (215706 bytes) KelleyJan07-53.jpg (192855 bytes) OctTableJan07-23.jpg (294286 bytes)
This African mahogany octagonal table will grace Lon Kelley's family room.  Lon used no stain nor filler but only finished it with polyurethane.
JacksonJan07-54.jpg (173300 bytes)  ToyPlaneJan07-02.jpg (87302 bytes)
John Jackson explained how simple it was to make this toy plane - a delight for small children.  John offered this as an encouragement for those who may be intimidated by the more elaborate toys that club members can craft.


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