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Mark Bolinger gave a presentation on woodworking planes. Mark recommended types of planes for the basic level and then planes catering to the "go hog wild" woodworker.  for the "Cautious Approach", Mark suggested the block plane and the jack plane.  The Stanley 60 1/2 is an example of a block plane; low angle, fits comfortably in hand and easier to cut end grain.  For the jack plane, Mark suggested the Stanley #4 or the LNG2 which are high end low angle planes. The "hog wild" end included rabbeting, edging, and grooving planes, to name a few.  Mark showed examples of smoothing, scraper planes and the spokeshave.


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Fred Sandoval doesn't fiddle around when he crafts stringed instruments.  This viola is of Tiger Maple.  Fred commented that he only uses wood that is at least eight years old.

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John Gay explained how he used poplar to back up the 1/4 inch sheet that is a mix of scrap wood that comprise the top.  The one-drawer desk was made to hold a PC monitor; the drawer to hold a keyboard.  John grabbed pieces of scrap wood then glued and cut, glued and cut until he had a pattern that he liked. Note that with a finished slab he sanded -- a planer would tear it up.  DSC00107.JPG (244986 bytes)

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 Monte Richard shows boxes he made at during a woodworking class at Steve LeGrue's Cutting Edge. They are of cherry.  The lidded box is of mesquite and spalted oak. For the little boxes he used a router beading bit.

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 Clang clang goes the choo-choo...or is it "toot toot" goes the trolley???  Lon Kelley holds up one of ten mahogany trains that he crafted.

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  Andy Anderson and Nick Darden hold up toys cars and trucks they made.  Nick owns an auto repair business and one of his customers, Martha Harper, hand painted and decorated a "lot" full of toys. 
 Yippee tie yay little hot rod...well...but hey! it is branded with WWCH's very own branding "arn".  Club members have volunteered to brand all the toys that are donated in behalf of WWCH.  Jerry Harmsen holds up an example.

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David VanDerwerker holds up his child's rocking chair that he made of pine and poplar.  The plans came from Wood magazine.  Now, the question is, where will Goldilocks sit?DSC00150.JPG (78024 bytes)

 Steve Singleton shows off the rocking part of a rocking chair that is made of laminate mesquite -- and I thought mesquite was for BBQ.  DSC00110.JPG (215478 bytes) DSC00142.JPG (111852 bytes)


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This mesquite art deco style boxes were crafted by Steve Singleton -- he just needs a chair to sit in.DSC00143.JPG (87051 bytes)


  Norm Nichols definitely gives a "hoot" about the quality of his work.  These two owls are featured in mesquite.  Norm used a #5 scrollsaw blade to cut out this entry for the Ft Bend County Fair -- unless he sells it first. 

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In this photo Dayton Dickey demonstrates how he mounts a piece into a jig that is used for making small drawer pulls.  Examples of his work is featured.
Denis Muras shows a large frame that will hold an award flag.  The corners are lapped joints.  Denis shows where the stars will be mounted.

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Eric McDowell, son of Leon McDowell, demonstrated his trebuchet by tossing a water balloon to his dad.  Used for "storming" a water palace???


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