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Rich Thomas spoke to club members about how even a woodworker hobbyist can put together a numerically controlled machine to route designs created on a computer

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Susan Mullins and Rosalind Rolls spoke to club members about their Gifts With Heart program; a program dedicated to making things for needy children

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Steve Singleton wins a door prize.

Jerry Harmsen wins, as a door prize, a hand made pen donated by Bob Tesch

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Andy Anderson talked and showed examples of toys he made; the two dinosaurs and the alligator.  Jerry Harmsen crafted the character peering over the fence (reminiscent of "Kilroy was here") and Bill Cole, the stand-up bear.
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Steve Wavro scroll sawed this tiger with a spiral blade.  Steve showed us the DVD from which he viewed instructions for crafting the tiger.

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Notice the Shaker pegs for holding necklaces.

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Dennis Serig crafted this necklace hanger of cherry. 

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This artist cabaret of walnut was crafted by Fred Kunzler.


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The top trays are designed to hold brushes and paints.  A white top replaces what would have been glass on which the artist would mix colors.    

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This is patterned after a lighthouse in Florida.

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Dan Smith created this intarsia lighthouse of mahogany, maple, red oak, bubinga, to name a few as a Father's Day gift in about 15-20 hours.

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Ridg Gilmer narrated a slide show of photos of a corner cabinet of Black Jack Oak.  


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To see photos of Ridg's progress follow the link.

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 Look closely and you can see that Norm Nichols is holding up what appears to be a stamp.  Well, guess what...it isn't.  Norm purchased this and offered a link (CLICK HERE) to the person who crafted this postage stamp sized 1-cent stamp puzzle.



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