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       DavisSep06-104.jpg (101911 bytes)   DavisSep06-105.jpg (83303 bytes)
Sam Davis of Batteries Plus talked to club members about, what else? Batteries.  Sam explained how NiCads develop their "memory" -- and that is by not letting them discharge all the way before charging.  As an analogy, the "bottom" of the cell doesn't get used and chemically turns into "rock", as Sam described it. Not using your NiCads causes them to go bad also.
             ParrySep06-102.jpg (135912 bytes)  RowenSep06-103.jpg (111450 bytes)
Irwin Parry and Gary Rowen won door prize gift certificates donated by Sam Davis of Batteries Plus.  THANKS SAM!
FauxMarbleTableSep06-78.jpg (122336 bytes)   GaySep06-91.jpg (91844 bytes)     FauxMarbleTableSep06-77.jpg (91568 bytes)     
John Gay demonstrates how he applied thin layers of joint compound to the table top to create a faux stone finish.  The legs are the non-rotted portion of two porch posts.  Caesar would be proud of John's work. 

 KooserSerigSep06-87.jpg (91140 bytes)

Dennis Serig receive from Ken Kooser a certificate from the State of Texas identifying the Woodworkers Club of Houston as a Corporation.
BoxSep06-80.jpg (201923 bytes)   KooserSep06-92.jpg (135744 bytes)  BoxSep06-81.jpg (162518 bytes)    
Ken Kooser explains how he made these boxes of walnut and mesquite.
              BowlsSep06-88.jpg (199602 bytes)  DeBenderSep06-95.jpg (114565 bytes)
 A collection of bowls of various woodstock was shown by John Debender.  The white bowl is turned from magnolia.  Other bowls are from pine, oak, spalted post oak, Bradford pear, maple and walnut
         WavroSep06-84.jpg (67090 bytes)  GolferSep06-83.jpg (144013 bytes)  WavroSep06-96.jpg (94763 bytes)
The photo on the left was the driver...I mean the inspiration for the scrollsaw rendition of Steve Wavro's daughter as she teed off on the greens.
RoundTableSep06-82.jpg (179997 bytes)  HoneySep06-99.jpg (105374 bytes)
Brian Honey holds up the bottom end of a Shaker style table to show how he reinforced the bottom end with a piece of metal.  Brian used a mortise and tenon joint versus the more common sliding dove tail to secure the legs to the post.  It is finished with water based cherry dye and spray on lacquer.  Brian made this during a week long class that he took at the Mark Adams hotel. 
  EarRingHolderSep06-79.jpg (102242 bytes) SweigartSep06-100.jpg (76191 bytes) SweigartSep06-101.jpg (100584 bytes)
The photographer thought this was a tie rack until Mark Sweigart explained that it was for earrings.  Mark stands beside the silver screen as photos of his shop work bench are projected for all club members to see .

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