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Brian Honey Presented this cherry Shaker table he began at the Lonny Bird woodworking school.  Brian, never one to rush into things, took a couple of years to finish the project.  He used a water-based die stain and several coats of lacquer for the finish. Well worth the wait.
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Rich Thomas brought in this almost finished pentagonal cabinet that he will be entering in the Texas Furniture Makers Show.  Woods used were mahogany, cherry, walnut, maple, wenge, bocate and zebrawood.  All drawers were shaped to fit and most slide on sliding dovetails.  Rich admitted he has become somewhat obsessed with the Golden Mean (Gold Rectangle & Spiral) proportions and all the design elements were based on these proportions.  Rich used varnish with a wax overlay.

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Lee Knekow crafted this beautiful scrollsaw shelf from a commercial pattern.  Lee used yellow pine he had stored in the shop with a spray on poly finish.
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Ken Kooser showed more of his Woodline jig-made boxes.  The woods he used were maple and mahogany with a wipe-on poly finish.  Keep this up Ken and you'll win the box making contest.
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 Robert Sandlin designed this foldup dish rack from a photo.  Robert says he doesn't know what kind of wood (it's Mystery Wood) but says he used a poly finish.  Orders are pouring in from relatives and neighbors. 


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