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          McGinnisNov06-49.jpg (241588 bytes)
John McGinnis of Woodstock, Inc. talked to club members about the latest items that are on the market for woodworkers.
         DoorPrizeNov06-50.jpg (300891 bytes)      DoorPrizeNov06-51.jpg (234632 bytes)
John McGinnis of Woodstock, Inc., donated door prizes to winners Gene Von Tungeln and Denis Muras
             LampNov06-03.jpg (148615 bytes)    KelleyNov06-30.jpg (145981 bytes) 
This spiral lamp, would you believe, was turned from store bought plywood by Lon Kelley. Lon finished it with grain filler and three coats of tung oil.

GobletNov06-05.jpg (187588 bytes)   KelleyNov06-31.jpg (146996 bytes)  GobletNov06-06.jpg (226872 bytes)

This piece may not be a silver chalice but magnolia sure does give it that silvery look. Another fine piece at the hands of Lon Kelley.
         LightHouseNov06-11.jpg (324796 bytes)  SmithNov06-32.jpg (145106 bytes)  LightHouseNov06-12.jpg (319043 bytes)
These intarsia lighthouses were made of ten difference species of wood. Wonderful birthday gifts crafted by Dan Smith.
             ToyTruckNov06-25.jpg (183782 bytes)    EdwardsNov06-34.jpg (200320 bytes)     ToyTruckNov06-47.jpg (187358 bytes)   CradleNov06-23.jpg (233734 bytes)
 Glen Edwards brought in a couple of toy trucks for the club's annual Christmas toy project.  The longer truck is a puzzle.  The cradle is also a project of Glen. 
 CornocupiaNov06-01.jpg (320281 bytes)  WavroNov06-36.jpg (173069 bytes)  CornocupiaNov06-02.jpg (276835 bytes)  
Steve Wavro listed the numerous species of wood used to complete this intarsia cornucopia, a "cornucopia of wood species". It is finished in polyurethane.
  TableSmallNov06-09.jpg (284332 bytes) SweigartNov06-37.jpg (199930 bytes)  TableSmallNov06-10.jpg (247594 bytes) 
Mark Sweigart explained how he crafted this fine walnut table using hand tools.  He constructed this table during a woodworking class at Homestead Heritage in Waco, Texas.
    MemorialNov06-07.jpg (210253 bytes)    MemorialNov06-08.jpg (321255 bytes)     MemorialNov06-26.jpg (176801 bytes)      SampleNov06-38.jpg (168159 bytes)
Tommy Sample created this memorial for his late father.  He used a jig to create the dovetail joints.
                TableBigNov06-17.jpg (259849 bytes) ThomasNov06-40.jpg (191471 bytes) TableBigNov06-18.jpg (355291 bytes)
 Rich Thomas shows a table that he constructed for his neighbor.  The neighbor mail-ordered the legs to get the style that she wanted.  Rich made the tope of jatoba.  It not only looks heavy it is heavy. 

JewelryBoxesNov06-13.jpg (200715 bytes)    JewelryBoxesNov06-14.jpg (242616 bytes)   JewelryBoxesNov06-16.jpg (225530 bytes) HockensNov06-42.jpg (172825 bytes)

Side Hockens talks about the jewelry boxes he crafted for all the ladies in his family.  These are five of the ten he has made.  Sid said his wife got the "pick of the liter".
  AntiquePlanesNov06-44.jpg (191407 bytes) MurasNov06-43.jpg (135474 bytes)
Denis Muras brought in some antique planes to show club members.
    MembersNov06-19.jpg (335943 bytes) MembersNov06-21.jpg (355543 bytes) MembersNov06-22.jpg (343996 bytes) MembersNov06-27.jpg (398323 bytes) MembersNov06-53.jpg (337127 bytes)
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