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  EllisMay06-24.jpg (108486 bytes) AnythingButPlain.jpg (612776 bytes)
Janie Ellis of ANYTHING BUT PLAIN,  School of Decorative Finishes, talked to club members about the history of faux finishing and techniques used by professionals to create such finishes. The photo is an example of her custom work. 
    TableMay06-09.jpg (177772 bytes)  SwichMay06-14.jpg (119644 bytes) TableMay06-10.jpg (216086 bytes)
Cathy Swick talked about the walnut table that she and her husband made together with a little help from her friends, Joan Loggins with her belt sander and a member from the Woodturner's Club who turned the legs. The legs are screwed into a special hardware fittings that are, in turn, screwed into the underside of the table.
         ScrollSawMay06-07.jpg (216685 bytes)  NicholsMay06-15.jpg (97816 bytes)  ScrollSawMay06-08.jpg (248446 bytes)
Norm Nichols scroll sawed the red oak eagle in the woods and the mesquite mare and colt.  Norm used a #2 reverse tooth blade for the finer work and a #5 for the edges .  He finished it with tung oil with a top coating of polyurethane.
           CarvingsMay06-11.jpg (157024 bytes) CarvingsMay06-12.jpg (202507 bytes) CarvingsMay06-13.jpg (122433 bytes)  HoneyMay06-17.jpg (75497 bytes)
Brian Honey showed some carving work that he did while learning Eighteenth Century Carving at the Lonnie Bird School of Fine Woodworking..  The shells are of basswood, the finial of soft maple, and the ball and claw leg of mahogany.
       WheelChairAidMay06-05.jpg (199781 bytes) WheelChairAidMay06-06.jpg (136053 bytes)

 OjevichMay06-18.jpg (128818 bytes)   OjevichMay06-22.jpg (198609 bytes)

Ted Ojevich didn't let a short term in a wheel chair stop him from making handy little aids for the chair.  Ted demonstrates a cup holder and a securely supported table.  Ted also explained how he made a brass logo for himself and attached it to a soldering iron.
        PotHolderMay06-01.jpg (160107 bytes) SerigMay06-23.jpg (103109 bytes)  PotHolderMay06-02.jpg (145106 bytes)
No, this is not a sled although it functions just like one.  Dennis Serig constructed this mobile plant stand of pressure treated wood but in such a way that it, along with the plant, can be easily pulled out of the way for lawn mowing...or...rearranging.
           ThomasMay06-04.jpg (206205 bytes)
Rich Thomas showed slides of his trip to Belize and some large furniture projects he completed that were too big and cumbersome to bring to the meeting.
 WWCHTapestryMay06-03.jpg (991324 bytes)
A round of applause to Vickie Kooser for her very well crafted tapestry featuring the name of the club.


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