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     JudgesMar06-29.jpg (146628 bytes) JudgesMar06-24.jpg (141870 bytes)
Amy Weber and Amanda Clifford from Houston Center for Contemporary Craft review a box for judging then talk to club members about their criteria and how they selected winners.
ContestEntriesMar06-18.jpg (153758 bytes)        ContestEntriesMar06-20.jpg (157503 bytes)         ContestEntriesMar06-21.jpg (157902 bytes)ContestEntriesMar06-22.jpg (101593 bytes) 
Many finely crafted boxes were entered into the, hopefully, "first" annual box competition.
MasonAwardMar06-23.jpg (107529 bytes)
Walter Mason receives his award for serving as last year's President.
    BoxMar06-09.jpg (83107 bytes) BoxMar06-10.jpg (133663 bytes) VWBugMar06-06.jpg (120424 bytes)ToolChestMar06-16.jpg (169539 bytes) MurasMar06-30.jpg (110188 bytes) ToolChestMar06-17.jpg (156900 bytes)
The Looove Bug gets a new finish but probably won't fit into this box of maple and walnut crafted by Denis Muras.  The turntable tool box was constructed from plans featured in Shop Notes. 
            RichardMar06-31.jpg (110622 bytes)  
Monte Richard talks about his trapezoid shaped box of walnut and maple and top of bubinga.
           BoxSquareMar06-02.jpg (142906 bytes) BoxSquareMar06-03.jpg (147244 bytes) BoxSquareMar06-04.jpg (117484 bytes)  JigMar06-11.jpg (175412 bytes)  MasonMar06-32.jpg (95831 bytes)  JigMar06-12.jpg (154997 bytes)
Walter Mason describes how he used this jig to cut the spline joints for his bamboo topped box.  The wood is chestnut veneer over maple with ebony trim, handle and splines.
         ClintonMar06-35.jpg (139236 bytes)   HalHideAwayMar06-01.jpg (67128 bytes)    NicholsMar06-36.jpg (155975 bytes)
Hal Clinton holds the sign of cedar coated with polyurethane that was crafted by Norm Nichols. 
       BowlMar06-07.jpg (76126 bytes) KabacinskiMar06-37.jpg (137151 bytes) BowlMar06-08.jpg (72056 bytes)
George Kabacinski shows club members a couple of turned bowls of mequite and walnut finished with oil and beeswax.
           ToyTrainMar06-05.jpg (193915 bytes) SweigartMar06-38.jpg (189058 bytes)
Red oak scraps, purchased wheels and craft paints make a mighty fine train set by Mark Sweigart.
SawMar06-15.jpg (156845 bytes)  OberMar06-40.jpg (172191 bytes)
Cliff Ober holds a maple, walnut and bird's eye maple handsaw.  Cliff used only hand tools.
   SerigMar06-41.jpg (112312 bytes) DrawerMar06-27.jpg (141778 bytes)
 Dennis Serig shows his work in progress on making a drawer for a computer desk. 


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