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Jack Hutchison  HutchisonJun06-34.jpg (113535 bytes) was introduced by John Jackson as a woodworker known locally as well as nationally.  Jack, a long standing member of the Woodworkers club spoke to members about his collaborative effort with John Fry of Palmdale, California to craft a Hepplewhite Federal style table.  This table is made of walnut, flame walnut, gorgeous inlays, veneers and some ebony.
 HelwhiteTabJun06-11.jpg (186399 bytes) HelwhiteTabJun06-12.jpg (233959 bytes) HelwhiteTabJun06-13.jpg (219392 bytes) HepwhiteTabJun06-08.jpg (215893 bytes) HepwhiteTabJun06-10.jpg (197433 bytes) HepwhiteTableJun06-31.jpg (329028 bytes)
      TileTableJun06-06.jpg (144925 bytes)  GayJun06-18.jpg (87065 bytes)  TileTableJun06-07.jpg (179862 bytes)
John Gay crafted this table from scraps of leftover 5/4 treated pine.  The tiles are secured to cement backing board.  John used Kreg screws versus stainless steel because he wanted the matte look.
      TabSawSupportJun06-05.jpg (140441 bytes)   SerigJun06-22.jpg (150212 bytes)  TabSawSupportJun06-19.jpg (91171 bytes)    
Dennis Serig shows off his left wing extension to his table saw.  Next are hinged legs.  hmmm...is there a right wing coming?
          BowlJun06-15.jpg (119359 bytes)  NicholsJun06-24.jpg (70904 bytes)  BowlJun06-16.jpg (138474 bytes) ScrollsawDeerJun06-14.jpg (184469 bytes)  
Norm Nichols show members his red oak and black walnut basket.  Also featured is Norm's scrollsawed deer in the woods carved in basswood.  Tung oil and polyurethane finished it.
              StereoScopeJun06-02.jpg (146415 bytes)     ThomasJun06-26.jpg (95416 bytes)StereoScopeJun06-03.jpg (181465 bytes)CameraStandJun06-30.jpg (112621 bytes)


This stereoscope was cleverly crafted by Rich Thomas but how did he take the pictures in 3-D?  Rich explained how he rigged up a camera stand with two cameras.  He found a formula on the Internet that provides the distance of the two cameras from each other; a formula based on distance from the subject.  hmmmm...rocket science in woodworking?
      IntarsiaJun06-01.jpg (201948 bytes)      WavroJun06-27.jpg (166511 bytes)
Steve Wavro shows members his latest intarsia work.  Many pieces of colored wood went into this project.
    MurasJun06-28.jpg (95939 bytes)      
Denis Muras used the club's recently purchased digital projection system to show club members his stereo center project; a project wayyyy to huge to truck in for show and tell. Denis constructed the stereo center of weathered pine siding and flooring from an old farmhouse.
 BolingerJun06-29.jpg (110740 bytes)
Mark Bolinger updated club members on the progress of the hand plane splinter group that he sponsors, also making use of the club's digital projection system.
ScheerhornJun06-32.jpg (113559 bytes)
Jeff Scheerhorn takes the door prize.


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