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     GeorgeJul06-60.jpg (90275 bytes)  ZamoraJul06-58.jpg (74207 bytes)
Darrin George and Richard Zamora of Makita Corporation talked to members about Makita's new line of Lithium-Ion battery powered tools. They explained how the industry has progressed from 7.2v to 36v and now back to 18 volts.  Using a slide show they explained how they were able to reduce the size and weight of their motors by using four magnetic poles vs two.  The brushes are easily replaceable.  The batteries have a built-in chip which is read by the charging unit so that any battery being recharged receives the correct amount of energy for recharging.  The tools are ergonomically designed as well.  They showed charts showing how their Lithium-Ion batteries hold up longer and take more charge cycles than their competitors.
       GattorelleJul06-55.jpg (113882 bytes)
Diane Gatterello won this month's door prize.
             ZinniJul06-32.jpg (112787 bytes)
Ed Zinni brought in some samples of Sitka Spruce. These were old and tight grain stock.
       RockHorseJul06-21.jpg (225270 bytes)  StormJul06-33.jpg (130930 bytes)   RockHorseJul06-24.jpg (188902 bytes)
Richard Storm showed club members his child's rocking horse of Yellow Southern Pine and mane of heavy run yarn. The eyes are drawer knobs and the "rough" look is intentional.
        DoveTailJointJul06-26.jpg (150568 bytes) OberJul06-34.jpg (97375 bytes)
Clifford Ober explained how he made a dove tail joint and showed slides of his progress.
           OldToolsJul06-27.jpg (152423 bytes) ThomasJul06-36.jpg (110471 bytes)
Rich Thomas brought in some antique tools that he found while cleaning out his Dad and GrandDad's barn.  Rich also came across and showed a 1910 catalog (uh....not from the 1910 Fruit Gum Company) of tools and woodworking supplies.
           SerigJul06-37.jpg (109535 bytes)
Dennis Serig showed off an old plane that he had restored to use.
VacTableJul06-15.jpg (254834 bytes) AndersonJul06-38.jpg (110544 bytes)
Andy Anderson explained how he constructed this vacuum table and how it led to the purchase of a large dust collector to make it work right. 
ScarecrowJul06-13.jpg (134611 bytes)  WavroJul06-39.jpg (117142 bytes)
Steve Wavro didn't scare anybody with his intarsia scarecrow of several species and colors of wood.  He also used a Dremel tool and a woodburner to enhance the project.
 LittleBoxJul06-29.jpg (109739 bytes)  HoneyJul06-40.jpg (67885 bytes)
Brian Honey showed off his bandsawed box of mahogany that was finished with Bartlett's Gel.
KelleyJul06-41.jpg (73826 bytes) KelleyJul06-42.jpg (114170 bytes)
Lon Kelley narrated a slide show of the many built-ins of maple that he crafted for his home.  Most definitely some master carpentry as well as  skillfull woodworking  
WineBoxJul06-30.jpg (191833 bytes)  GilmerJul06-43.jpg (170426 bytes)  WineBoxJul06-31.jpg (156469 bytes)
Ridg Gilmer received immense help from Fred Sandoval on his first hand made dove tail joint box.  Ridg presented the wine box to Fred as a gift for all of his help.  Ridg reminded club members that the membership is full of members who are willing to give advice and help other members.
FrameJul06-25.jpg (185527 bytes)  WhiteJul06-46.jpg (85104 bytes)
This frame of quartersawn red oak was made by Bill White but assembled using mortise and tenon joints rather than traditional miter joints.  Bill used India ink to ebonize the oak then topped off with lacquer.
SanderJigJul06-18.jpg (122292 bytes) SanderJigJul06-19.jpg (138399 bytes) 

OjevichJul06-47.jpg (136601 bytes) OjevichJul06-49.jpg (142143 bytes)

Ted Ojevich explained to club members how his cleverly crafted and assembled belt sander box serves as a thickness and a vertical sander.
ToyBoxJul06-16.jpg (127615 bytes)  TurnerJul06-51.jpg (157940 bytes)  ToyBoxJul06-17.jpg (171386 bytes)
Johneta Turner explained how she crafted this child's game box and and all her trials and tribulations to finish it.


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