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 The January meeting was kicked off by our Past President, Walter Mason, presenting awards for Golden Hammer and Woodworker of the Year

ForbesJan06-28.jpg (84655 bytes) RowenGHJan06-27.jpg (68898 bytes)
Dottie Forbes and Gary Rowen share the coveted Golden Hammer Award for 2005.
ThomasWWYrJan06-30.jpg (92847 bytes) HutchisonWWYrJan06-29.jpg (70106 bytes)
Rich Thomas and Jack Hutchison share the honor of Woodworker of the Year for 2005


ColeToysJan06-21.jpg (94343 bytes)
Bill Cole and Lon Kelley received awards from Dottie Forbes for their roles in producing the most toys for the toy drive.  Lon Kelley was not present.
JacksonJan06-22.jpg (78127 bytes)
John Jackson for his work in developing a membership packet.
 BuckleyJan06-23.jpg (72513 bytes)    
 Loretta Buckley and Bill Hochmuth for providing coffee service for club members. Bill was not present.
ColeJan06-24.jpg (76869 bytes)
Bill Cole for his work in preparing membership badges.
StokesJan06-25.jpg (82718 bytes)  
Ester Stokes and Blaine Stokes for their work with the video library. Blaine was not present.
GayJan06-26.jpg (69859 bytes)
John Gay for his work in maintaining the book library.
RobertsonJan06-35.jpg (72867 bytes)
James Robertson as member of Board of Directors
RowenJan06-34.jpg (72540 bytes)
Gary Rowen as member of Board of Directors and Webmaster
WhiteJan06-36.jpg (78757 bytes)
Bill White for his work as Newsletter Editor
GodsoJan06-20.jpg (73563 bytes)
Betty Godso, from Mission of Yahweh, spoke to club members about the joys of helping children and how toys for children help brighten their days. She thanked us by blessing us with a prayer.
 StanleyJan06-62.jpg (92548 bytes) StanleyJan06-63.jpg (90710 bytes)
Lou Schamble, a representative from Stanley and Bostitch Tool spoke to club members about the latest innovations in pneumatic tools. Lou stands behind the table of freebies given out to members -- hey guys! - see what you missed if you weren't at the meeting.
DoorPrizeJan06-60.jpg (71036 bytes)
John DeBender wins the door prize today


Show and Tell Projects for January


ClockJan06-03.jpg (125935 bytes) WavroJan06-40.jpg (111860 bytes)
Steve Wavro, who was Master of Ceremonies, presented a scrollsawed clock of Tiger wood which is a gift for a golf coach.
PlaneJan06-16.jpg (90757 bytes) BolingerJan06-41.jpg (69980 bytes)
Mark Bolinger shows club members a Stanley Libery Bell block plane which he found in an Indiana antique store then refurbished.  The plane celebrated the 100th anniversary of US Independence.
BirdHouseJan06-18.jpg (74799 bytes)  BirdHouseJan06-19.jpg (73843 bytes)     

 OjevichJan06-44.jpg (85813 bytes) OjevichJan06-43.jpg (103779 bytes)

Ted Ojevich demonstrates the manually operated bird house door knocker that he crafted.  The other is electric and works from a push-button. Ted also leans on a artistically carved cane that he crafted
MalletsJan06-17.jpg (86988 bytes)    ThomasJan06-46.jpg (93152 bytes) 
Rich Thomas shows how to hold one of his two mallets made of Ipe (pronounced eepay)  Note that the shape of the head and handle are pentagonal.
LaptopDeskJan06-04.jpg (66144 bytes) MorrowJan06-47.jpg (98912 bytes)  LaptopDeskJan06-05.jpg (69918 bytes)
Al Morrow shows a laptop desk made by Terry Lacy at Rockler
BoxJan06-06.jpg (67434 bytes) KooserJan06-48.jpg (90591 bytes)  BoxJan06-07.jpg (72272 bytes)
Ken Kooser tells club members about his box of Spanish Cedar, Bloodwood, Teak, and Zebrawood.
TableInlayJan06-08.jpg (93055 bytes) TableInlayjan06-09.jpg (81589 bytes) TableInlayJan06-10.jpg (94242 bytes) TableInlayJan06-11.jpg (111541 bytes)  HutchisonJan06-49.jpg (97703 bytes)
Jack Hutchison explains how he crafted his tables of inlayed antique veneer taken from an old bedrail.  Jack sealed the surface with Shellac and then topped with an oil varnish mix. The veneer rests upon a pine substrate.
TableJan06-13.jpg (82532 bytes) ThomasJan06-52.jpg (82873 bytes)
Rich Thomas talks about his table of African Mahogany stained with a mix of red oak, walnut and ebony then finished with wipe-on polyurethane.
 XmasDisplayJan06-15.jpg (90117 bytes)  PowersJan06-53.jpg (91859 bytes)
 Louie and Rebecca Powers stand alongside their Dad, James Powers, as he explains that his Christmas decoration is made of signboard plywood.  The moving pieces are motorized. 
HolderJan06-02.jpg (86221 bytes) SandovalJan06-01.jpg (64202 bytes)
Fred Sandoval explains how his cleverly made a project holder that cost only $25.00 which is a pittance compared to what a store bought would cost.  A bowling ball allows freedom of movement until it is tightened.
WorkbenchJan06-39.jpg (76932 bytes) TurnerJan06-56.jpg (74991 bytes)
Mike Turner shows club members a work bench of 2s4 sized for his 7-year old son
GilmerJan06-57.jpg (92350 bytes)  GilmerJan06-59.jpg (90390 bytes) 
Ridg Gilmer demonstrates how he used his home made jig to cut corner grooves to accomodate splines.


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